Kate Dodd Executive Vice President of Marketing

Kate Dodd is a seasoned marketing leader and demand generation expert with over 11 years of marketing management experience and a proven record of delivering significant sales growth. In her last position, her lead generation efforts drove a 30% increase in revenue over the previous year.

As a creative problem solver and strategic thinker, Kate’s passion is developing company-wide marketing initiatives for lead generation, product promotion and retention. She is an expert in marketing automation, SEO and digital advertising. Kate has also led multiple rebrand initiatives and website redesign projects.

Outside of work, Kate’s favorite place in the world to be is the beach. If possible, she would live every day of her life with her feet in the surf. She enjoys running, hiking and swimming in her spare time and has a little puff-ball Pomeranian dog named Percy. Percy often accompanies Kate on hikes in her backpack because he has short legs that easily tire. Kate is also an avid reader, so, if you’ve recently read a good book, she would love to hear about it.