3 B2B Marketing Data Collection Ideas That Will Rock Your World

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The data revolution is upon us – and it’s rocking the way we do business.  Data visualization, predictive analytics, and other big data technologies have replaced our prehistoric ways of synthesizing information thanks to data of a much larger magnitude.  While tracking consumer behavior is no new concept to marketers, collection of this scale is.

Historically, sales and marketing tactics in the B2B space have relied heavily on the art of the deal.  Sales teams build relationships from the ground up, and marketing teams launch advertising campaigns with little to no empirical data to support it.  They lean on the magic, with very little math.

However, the landscape is shifting.  New data collection and storage techniques provide innovative ways to analyze trends and predict sales, as opposed to betting on them. Sales can be accurately forecasted, and the data can be delivered in real time.  But, before marketers can even begin the calculated conversion, they have to begin the acquisition.

There are several ways marketers can get their hands on the goods, but implementing these three collection techniques will revolutionize your marketing at lightning speed.

Landing pages

A landing page is exactly what it sounds like – a page a visitor can land on, outside of your main website. It is distinct from the actual webpage because it caters to a specific call to action.  Websites speak to the general masses for those inquiring information on the whole.  Landing pages are created to acquire user information in exchange for something specific.  The navigation is limited in an effort to the keep the visitor focused on the task at hand.

Recently released a whitepaper? Offer a free e-newsletter?  Webinar coming up?  Create a landing page for users to sign-up and get in on the action.  Through the exchange, you acquire valuable user data that can be converted into brand new leads.  Be sure to keep the length of the page to a minimum in order to ensure its absolute effectiveness.

Mobile surveys

According to MarketingSherpa, industry consensus suggests that mobile-marketing surveys are potentially the most powerful research tool out there today. They offer a great way to obtain valuable customer satisfaction data and product feedback at a very low cost.  Because mobile phones are wherever the recipient is, they offer creative ways to collect data at any time or any place.

Surveys gather data in new and meaningful ways outside the desktop or laptop chains.  What was once considered hard-to-reach, now become not only accessible, but obtainable at a much higher response rate.  They can be completed while commuting to work, at a restaurant, or wherever else a respondent finds him or herself with a spare minute.  The action no longer occurs after the event – but able to obtain the data in real time.

Passive user data

Not all data collection strategies require an active role by the user.  Passive user data is another way to obtain activity without asking the user to do a thing.  The collection takes place in the background, collecting user preferences and behavior.

Cookies are a great example of this.  A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s browser while the user is perusing that website. Every time the user returns, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the user’s previous activity.  Cookies give the user a sense of personalization – and according to a HubSpot – a greater chance of success.

It is fair to say you are only as targeted as the information you collect.  These collection strategies offer a great starting point to optimizing your marketing and sales strategies.  Data is an invaluable force for B2B marketing in the 21st century – it can help you work smarter, not harder.

Want to learn more about outside of the box targeting? Check out the MultiView Resources site. 

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Julie Bernhard

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