4 ways to hit the inbox and avoid the spam folder

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As an email marketer, nothing is worse than crafting the perfect message to your audience, then having that message never make it to their inboxes. We know that deliverability issues can stifle any great campaign, but what about those tricky junk mail folders? Here are few tried and true ways you can increase deliverability and attempt to avoid being labeled as “spam.”

Avoid Spam Words in Subject Lines
When deciding which folder should receiving your email, one of the first things an email platform will look at is the subject line. Your subject line could mean the difference between the inbox and spam mail segmentation. Avoid “spammy” words. The word “free” is OK to use – just don’t make it the first word in your subject line. Also, don’t use “Re:” if your email isn’t truly a reply. This is one of the biggest mistakes email marketers make. In theory, a “Re:” increases open rates, if sent organically. However, if you’re attempting to use this tactic as a bulk send, don’t! Most providers will automatically mark this as spam.

Be Image-Weary
An image-heavy email won’t necessarily be funneled to a spam folder. However, one that’s improperly coded or contains one large image more than likely will be identified as spam. Email designers trying to cut corners may find it easier to design an email as one entire image, then provide a code using just that image. Instead, break that image down to multiple spliced images. This will help the load time of an email and improve deliverability to the inbox. Extra bonus: Include an all-text version of your HTML in case your recipients can’t view the images.

Sending Domains vs. From Domain
Be very careful with this one. Your sending domain and your “From” domain should be the same. If your sending domain is @multiview.com, then your from line should be [name]@multiview.com. Don’t attempt to send an email from a domain name that is not your sending domain. This is a massive red flag to spam filters. It’ll cause a deliverability issue and could eventually get you blacklisted.

Ask to Be Added to the Address Book (Whitelisted)
Ask your recipients to add your sending address to their address books. Having your recipient complete this task will help identify you as a “safe sender” to email platforms and increase your ability to hit the inbox.

Luckily, we at MultiView like to take our own advice! Our industry News Briefs boast a 97 percent deliverability rate with 23-30 percent (or more!) open rates. These newsletters are emailed directly to association members who engage with the content on a weekly basis. (Engagement is another fantastic way to hit the inbox every time!) Chock full of enriching content, our news briefs are some of the most widely read industry briefs both nationally and internationally. This makes advertising in a news brief a very lucrative opportunity.

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Lisa Marino

Lisa Marino

Email Marketing Manager

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