4 Ways Display Advertising Drives Site Traffic

responsivesetDisplay ads served to the right audience at the right time increases messaging reach, keeps B2B brands top-of-mind, and boosts positioning. They drive traffic to the brand’s website, priming prospective clients for further engagement.

Targeted digital display ads are ideal for increasing site traffic through brand awareness:

Reaches prospects early

Approximately 71 percent of B2B buyers actually start their research with a generic, unbranded search. This means they do not necessarily have a particular company in mind as they shop for solutions. Good targeted display advertisements position relevant brands in front of buyers in response to recent product and service searches.

Increases targeted brand reach

B2B marketers reach their exact audience at scale with display advertising media. Branded messages are not limited to a particular device, but delivered in real time across the Internet on mobile, desktop and tablets. Impressions are delivered to B2B prospects rather than wasting media spend on non-relevant audiences.

Grows top of mind awareness

Before, during and after purchase consideration, audiences are served with ads that keep B2B companies top of mind. When the user is ready to purchase, renew or re-engage, they recall the brand. Users who are retargeted are 70 percent more likely to convert. [2]

Boosts brand positioning

Buyers notice ads served in a meaningful context. 60 percent of online buyers say they notice relevant ads for products they looked up on other sites. Display advertisements boost brand positioning by delivering targeted messaging in context — placed adjacent to content related to the business’s products or services.

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