5 tips for making your content marketing strategy effective and cohesive


The rise of online advertising has grown exponentially over the past decade. As such, marketers have had to increase their online efforts to promote their products, maintain and expand client bases, and boost brand awareness. “Buy now” messages and catchy jingles are changing, courtesy of content marketing.

Content marketing casts a large net within the digital marketing ecosystem. We’re talking everything from email newsletters, blog posts, social media management, SEO, video, infographics, etc. So where do you begin? Here are a few things to consider when putting together an effective campaign:

Create goals based on your current rank: Content marketing can help add new subscribers to an e-newsletter database, increase conversions, or gain new followers on social media. As EContent Magazine points out, content is what ranks highly in Google searches. If your goal is to improve your rank, be sure to pepper your content marketing with keywords that are relevant to the products or services your business provides.

Know your audience: What does your audience care about? Richard notes that his team works to understand a company’s end goals, along with whom they are trying to reach. Is an audience looking to keep up with the latest industry trends? Perhaps they are wondering how to use your newest product and are looking for a step-by-step tutorial. Demographic knowledge is one factor worth considering – age ranges, geographic locations, education levels, or even job titles can help a campaign narrow in on an audience.

Keep it short and sweet: Let’s face it – you might have a lot to say, but not everyone wants to (or has the time) for a 5,000-word blog post. Leave the lengthy essay behind, and break it up into a multi-part series for easy reading (and to keep your readers coming back for more). The same can be said for videos.

Use an editorial calendar: An editorial calendar will allow your company to pace itself with regularly scheduled posts, and plan accordingly for the weeks, months, and holidays ahead. It will also keep you from burning out too soon – if you start firing off all of your ideas at once, where will your content marketing be when you run out of ideas?

Don’t be afraid to switch it up: Keep in mind that trends, consumer demands, and marketing itself are all continuing to evolve. Your content marketing strategy will change over time, and that’s okay. MultiView’s Director of Content Marketing, Ronnie Richard says, “Content marketing is not meant to be a hands-off program in which you set it and forget it.” He likens ad campaigns to an ongoing conversation, and notes that when the conversation continues, the best results are yielded.

A successful campaign will meet the goals it sets out to accomplish, and continues to evolve, troubleshoot, or scale for growth over time. You know your industry best, and must have a wealth of knowledge to share with customers and future clients. The content produced will help your business grow; it’s only a matter of getting started.


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