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8th Floor Tactics for Positive Sales Growth

Tori Nation, 8th floor sales representative, on the phone with a client.Every new sales trainee starts on the 8th floor at MultiView, and it is my job along with a few other brave souls to guide and teach each trainee so that they will be prepared to move on to the next step. Given my time and experience at MultiView, I have found that by applying the following top sales tactics, you ensure positive sales growth.

First, always be persistent. You are never going to get a sale if you give up at the first objection. Second, you will never get a sale unless you ask for it. We train new hires on knowing every aspect of the products and build their passion and pitch, but if they cannot get away from the fear of asking for the sale, they will never make one. We have coined the term “ask holes” and implemented spiffs to help motivate new hires and build enthusiasm, making them fearless enough to ask for the sale. In addition, fearlessness is a state of mind that you have to enter into on every call. So, be brave, combat objections and rise to the occasion.

From a leadership standpoint, my main advice is you can’t expect what you don’t inspect. You have to stay on top of people not only to keep them motivated, but to prevent valuable sales from slipping through the cracks. In July, I implemented a floor-wide strategy, mandatory Decision Maker logs.  These records have names, contact information, notes on what was pitched during the call and daily goals to ensure the sales professional was talking to the right person.  The logs allowed the team leads and myself to keep an accurate total of how many meaningful conversations the sales professionals were engaged in.  The second part of the strategy was to hold a team call review session at 7 a.m. once a week.  This gave the sales reps an opportunity to hear other sales calls and pick up on crucial items they were leaving out of their pitch.  This change was an essential component used to prove the point that putting yourself under a microscope can be beneficial. Now, DM sheets are used company wide. Also, 7 a.m. pitch training is a team decision and encouraged by team leads to help the individuals and team improve, instead of being a mandated activity.

It is important for me to help my floor and team grow, because if I send someone on to the next step before they are ready, it can ruin their view of and career at MultiView. One of the best tactics we have implemented in the past year that has resulted in a positive growth in sales and a more prepared sales staff is the way we have changed project launches. We used to have team leads introduce projects. Now that floor leads are introducing projects, we are able to give a better explanation of complex associations and build enthusiasm for the whole team.

In the past four months, the 8th floor monthly sales number has increased from $185,000 per month to $362,000 per month. There is a reason for that tremendous growth. We have found a niche to hiring the right people, added online training to the in-classroom modules and brought new MultiView veterans onto the training force. We are set to continue to build this positive growth and are excited to see what comes next for the 8th floor.

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