Achieving Maximum Value with B2B Email Marketing Strategies


‘Tis the season to open the inbox…well, at least that is what you hope your recipients will do. When it comes to email marketing, that is always the name of the game, and if they game is played appropriately, your opens will also then become your next customers.

Email marketing is No. 1 for business communication for a variety of reasons. It is cheap, it is easy and its return on investment is amazing. In fact, a Litmus survey of 372 marketers worldwide reported an ROI of 38:1. Checking email is also built into the routines of consumers – with 91 percent checking their email every day.

With these kind of odds, execution should be a cakewalk, but that is not always the case. While its ease of use and accessibility are attractive, that also leaves room to for everyone else to have the same idea. In order to ensure you are putting your marketing dollars where your mouth is, and gather the most bang for your buck, you must craft emails that speak directly to the prospects’ pain points, needs and ideal solutions.

First blast should never be the last

In the B2B space, email is a marathon – not a sprint. You should never expect to get a sale on the first send for a multitude of reasons. B2B purchases are larger purchasing decisions and require buy-in from multiple decision makers. There really isn’t much impulse buying going on in this realm, so several emails will need to be part of the larger campaign.

Your marketing efforts should not be channeled into one sole email. Scatter your emails over a long campaign – with its length dependent upon the type of product you sell and how large of an investment you are asking that business to make. Don’t assume that you are annoying your prospects with additional emails, as long as they a part of the entire campaign. The buying journey is a longer one – so you should be there for the long-haul.

Offer solutions, not sales tactics

The last thing decision makers need is another email. While you might be selling the next life-saving device, it won’t matter if it gets lost in the shuffle. And not to mention a waste of resources. When sending email marketing campaigns, don’t sell to your customers, but aim to solve.

B2B purchases, as previously mentioned, are don’t run on impulse. They need to be well-educated on the product and make sure it can suit their business needs. Instead of trying to get them to buy, create content that can explain the why.

Divide and conquer

The best way to ensure email content gets open is to make sure that said content is relevant to the recipient. No sense blasting out an email highlighting products or services that are only applicable to half your list – that wastes both your time and your resources. Email segmentation is a great way to reach their more specific needs.

According to DMA, 77 percent of email marketing ROI came from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns in 2015. Segmenting lists can be done in a variety of ways – from geography to personal business interests – and they can achieve better open rates, revenue, leads and more customers.

The ultimate goal of email marketing campaigns is about connecting with your prospects in a quick and efficient way. Every email that is sent should justify the marketing dollar that was spent – and you can do so by enacting strategies that boost value and relevance for every subscriber.

MultiView Team Expert Julie Bernhard

Julie Bernhard

News Briefs Executive Editor

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