Why an adaptive approach closes more sales

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Do you find that you never seem to connect with some of your sales prospects who seem most willing to buy? The problem may not be their buyer readiness or the suitability of your product. Instead, your approach may be preventing the strong rapport that is needed to make a connection and a sale.

To consistently make sales, you need to meet them on their own terms. If you approach every prospect the same way, there is a large percentage who you’ll never reach.

Difference in Communication Approach


While your product might have great need to the prospective client you’re reaching out to, communicating with them across different mediums can be an intriguing challenge in and of itself. And in this hyper-connected world, the avenues to approach a potential client are diverse.

A sale can be initiated through a phone call or email, can be done in person or via social media.

Wesley Papini, one of MultiView’s expert marketing consultants, says she goes with the email approach all of the time.

jon-p-smith-copy“I find it difficult and invasive to cold call a potential client — catching someone off guard immediately provokes a negative response (when trying to sell them something) which can cause a difficult recovery.

People are terrified to be ‘sold,’ and email allows them to take a step back and look at things with a more objective eye, and know their decision is sound.”

Jon Smith, MultiView’s director of programmatic advertising, offers this about the in-person approach: “In-person selling offers a tangible approach to selling. Many clients and agencies feel better seeing a face, creating a relationship and then establishing a stronger, more tangible rapport.”MultiView Team Expert Lauren Weiss

But when it comes to social selling, Lauren Weiss, one of MultiView’s programmatic solutions managers, says “the main thing to remember is social is personal. Someone is giving you a glimpse into their personality and the ways they think, feel and causes they support. Keep in mind that by connecting with clients and potential clients, you are doing the same so ‘keep it classy,’ especially as it pertains to photos you post and political comments you make.”

Don’t Sell the Product, Sell the Person

Different personality types react differently to various approaches. While some may be engaged and interested when met with your standard approach, others may shut down and become unreceptive. It’s not the role of a potential customer to adapt to your sales style. They’re not the ones selling a product. Instead, you should adapt your approach to the customer to ensure that you are reaching out to them in the way that they prefer.

Understanding Personality Types is Key

While everyone is unique, there are general categories that can describe how we react when presented with information about a product we might want for our organization. Not sure which type you are dealing with? These are the four types you’ll generally see in business:

  1. Assertive: This personality is direct and goal-oriented. They are typically competitive. They do not have a lot of time to spare for personal relationships because they are focused on results.
  2. Analytical: The analytical personality does not like to be rushed into a decision. If you push them for an answer today, that answer will be “no.”
  3. Amiable: This personality values their business relationships. If you can win them, you have a customer who is there for the long haul.
  4. Expressive: While this personality has a lot in common with the amiable type, there are many distinctions. They look at the big picture and are concerned with how their decisions affect all involved stakeholders. They want to make the right decision for the future.

Let the digital marketing experts at MultiView use these different approaches to help get your message in front of your ideal customers. Email us today to get started: solutions@multiview.com

MultiView Team Expert Stephen Peters

Stephen Peters

Senior Email Marketing Strategist

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