Age ain’t nothin’ but a number

When it comes to navigating the business world, being in your early twenties comes with its own set of pros and cons.

When I first graduated from university at the tender age of 22, I went to work full-time for the provincial government. I was younger than some of the interns on staff, and most of my colleagues were in their early 30s to mid-50s. In my next job in culinary tourism development, I also worked with clients, farmers and tourism professionals who were all much older than I was. Being the one of the youngest employees in these workplaces taught me to develop a high level of maturity and professionalism. I even made a point to never reveal my age, out of fear people would perceive me to be less capable if they knew I was in my early 20s.

The day I came for my job interview at MultiView, one of the first things that hit me was how youthful the office was. There were young-looking people everywhere, cubicles were decorated, Top 40 music was blasting, people were wearing baseball caps and track pants, and there was a very high level of energy.

Quite honestly – it scared the heck out of me.

Here I was coming from a governmental/non-profit background, used to a very calm workplace environment. Part of me was a little worried that being surrounded by people my age wouldn’t be my cup of tea. I worried about people not being mature enough, or the possibility of drama in the workplace. By the end of the interview and after talking to some of my future colleagues, however, it was clear that MultiView had a high standard when it came to performance and quality in the workplace.

This mandate, combined with the fun attitude at the office really sparked my interest and made me want to take the job. What further cemented my desire to work for MultiView was watching the great series of videos on their careers page. A workplace that allowed me to develop my professional skills, while allowing me to express my sense of creativity and humour was definitely something that I was looking forward to.  And when they offered me the content editor job, the MultiView workplace environment weighed heavily in my decision to accept the position.

All of this being said, asking someone his or her age is still  a traditionally taboo question (…just ask my mother and you’ll know what I mean). But oddly enough, when I first started working at MultiView, my colleagues and I would try to guess each other’s age all the time. It was a funny way to see how old or young someone came across at work, compared to the real birth date on his/her drivers’ license. One of the main trends we noticed, was that we all guessed each other older than we were.

That’s when it all clicked.

MultiView hires amazing young people, with serious career goals. They know how to attract some of the best and brightest Millennials around, and they’re building a company with the energy, drive and innovation this age group brings to the table.

This reminded me of an article I pulled for one of my associations earlier in the summer. From Forbes, the article entitled ‘Why you should be hiring millennials’ contained a top-notch infographic to describe the best ways to maximize this generation’s talent.
via Forbes:  ‘Why you should be hiring millennials’. Full article available HERE

At MultiView, senior management takes this advice to heart. They ‘Flatter Us‘ by staying in touch with us on a regular basis, but also giving us enough room to take the lead on our projects with fearlessness. They ‘Motivate Us‘ with office competitions, sales spiffs, and regular company outings. Above all, they ‘Collaborate‘ with us and encourage us to work in a dynamic team environment – where there is no such thing as silly question or useless idea. As such, it’s not uncommon to see announcements in our daily newsletter celebrating employees’ one-year or two-year anniversaries with the company.

The moral of the story is this; when it comes to being successful in the workplace as Aaliyah so famously once said,  ‘Age ain’t nothin’ but a number’.

MultiView proves this on a daily basis by hiring young people who deliver strong sales, exceptional client relations, attentive customer support and relevant content for today’s ever-changing digital publishing landscape. We’re a company that works hard to delivers real B2B products/results to the professional association industry.

Oh and in case you still haven’t noticed, we have an absolute boatload of fun doing.

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