Whitepaper: Is AI Right for Your Association’s Newsletter?


Abstract: Email newsletters remain a vital communications vehicle for association engagement and marketing. Can the promise of artificial intelligence provide membership organizations a wholly automated process while delivering a fully personalized experience for the reader? Download our whitepaper to understand the complete picture.

Artificial intelligence, which as a concept has been part of science fiction lore for decades, realistically rests firmly in the emerging technology phase of its product life cycle. Having spent several years as a buzzword, AI seems destined to infiltrate every possible industry. As the justification for AI and the number of use cases builds, we can logically expect artificial intelligence to move closer to the “widespread adoption” phase.

But before it gets there, it’s necessary to understand some broad facts about AI in its current state, and especially how that relates to associations and membership organizations.
A simple definition of AI is getting a computer to mimic human behavior. While it’s true that AI can provide efficiency humans can’t match, the flip side is that humans offer discernment and interpersonal skills no amount of machine learning can account for.

Achieving true artificial intelligence is extremely difficult. So difficult, in fact, that an article last year in the Guardian exposed a number of tech firms that actually use humans to power their “artificial” intelligence.

“It’s hard to build a service powered by artificial intelligence,” the article starts. “So hard, in fact, that some startups have worked out it’s cheaper and easier to get humans to behave like robots than it is to get machines to behave like humans.”

This isn’t to infer machine learning and AI are always faked, but it’s safe to fear the hype cycle of artificial intelligence precedes its tangible accomplishments.

Around the same time as the Guardian article, Gartner Research issued a report on the hype cycle of AI, declaring, “AI is almost a definition of hype. Yet, it is still early.”

Even if true AI isn’t achieved, there’s no debating that data analytics and machine learning can provide noteworthy benefits to organizations of all types. But can it autonomously create and distribute a highly effective email newsletter for your association? Automated content aggregation has been around for years. Has it evolved to the point it’s ready to relieve humans from your process?

Download our whitepaper “Is AI Right for Your Association’s Newsletter?”

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