Are you capitalizing on social media’s marketing power?

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With the way social media has evolved, it’s no surprise that it’s become such a hot topic. From the different platforms being used to the way it has pretty much taken over our everyday lives, more and more businesses are using it to reach their audience.

So, yes, we know that social marketing has become huge, but the really big question is, are you using it correctly? Now, you can answer that question with some super basic statistics from your social media manager, or we can just skip right to the part where I tell you about some key elements of social you may be missing out on.

In a day and age where people don’t take the time to read an entire article or lose interest easily, visuals are one way to keep them involved. For instance, one of the hottest social platforms right now is Snapchat (if that’s news to you, we better start somewhere else). If you’re familiar, let’s continue. Snapchat started the ephemeral content trend. Ephemeral content is any material that is impermanent or short lived. With this in mind, Snapchat created a way for people to snap a picture or record a video of what they’re doing, but instead of it being on there forever, the content goes away after a short period of time. The idea that you won’t have a certain picture for more than a few hours may seem crazy to those who enjoy looking at old pictures, but to put the popularity of this new trend into perspective, the number of snaps created on a daily basis (photos and videos) is at 1 million, and over 1 trillion Snaps are expected to be sent by the end of 2017.

Instagram is not far behind Snapchat when it comes to popularity and visual content. From a visual perspective, Instagram has really made a name for itself, allowing users to post a picture with the option to have very little wording attached to it. This platform pretty much proves that, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and with its undeniable popularity, proves that viewers connect with visual messages.

Moving on to Facebook. Live video streaming on Facebook was and still is a great way to market to your audience – 20 percent of all videos on Facebook in 2017 are live. Live video resonates so well because it allows your followers to interact with you in real time. Basically, they see everything just as you see it at that very moment – think of the possibilities. Facebook’s live streaming also alerts your followers when you’ve started a live video, possibly drawing attention to your video and gaining instant views. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

As we look toward the future of social media, artificial intelligence is at the forefront of the conversation. The effects it will have on social media marketing are hard to wrap your brain around, but no doubt expected to be pretty significant in the grand scheme of things. No longer having to actively manage or input stats and data as well as AI having the ability to identify which leads will produce sales are just a couple of ways it will revolutionize social media practices.

Don’t panic though: There is still a need for human interaction in social media. There are things that humans can do that computers can’t, and vice versa. But having AI would not only help limit the amount of tedious, extra work that goes into social media marketing, but it will allow you to focus more on the customers’ experience than on the analytics.

Andrew Plock, a Content Marketing and Social Strategist at MultiView doesn’t feel like AI will be taking over anytime soon, but does believe it will bring some big changes to the social world. “We’re already seeing different iterations of AI that can digest box scores for baseball games and craft an article laying out the highlights. Who’s to say that philosophy can’t be used to react directly to an individual’s post about wanting chicken nuggets? Imagine a brand that you like seeing your posts and sending you the location of a nearby place with a coupon or dining suggestion and a clever caption!” The possibilities could be endless.

As you can see, there social media marketing opportunities are vast. Whether it’s through pictures, videos or a simple GIF, finding the right way to interact with your audience may require a lot of trial and error, but is the only way to stay prominent.

So, maybe you’re not sure which platform is best for you or maybe you aren’t really sure what all you need. That’s where MultiView comes in!
Let us provide the social media expertise and assistance you need.

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