How Associations Can Use Technology to Win

book1The central purpose of an association is to serve as a flagship for its members, but over the years, associations have had to think more like businesses in order to stay relevant to those members and potential members. Professionals have more options than ever when it comes to networking and enhancing their career paths. Some of these options, such as online groups, were birthed in technology. Associations may have been slow to feed from the technology trough, but they now understand the leading edge is where the future lies.

Routinely, associations face the same few organizational challenges in order to maintain relevance. Results from MultiView’s annual partnership survey consistently indicate three top goals for associations: gain and retain members; increase conference/meeting attendance; and increase non-dues revenues.

Fortunately, there is technology that provides associations an opportunity to address all three of those goals, as well as others such as spreading advocacy, in a cost-effective, highly efficient manner: programmatic advertising.

MultiView just published a new playbook that explains what programmatic advertising is and how it can help your association change the game. Download your free copy here.

MultiView Executive Colby Horton

Colby Horton

Executive Vice President of Marketing/Publishing

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