Thrive vs. Survive Webinar Series
How Associations Can Outwit, Outperform and Outlast Against All Odds

webinar episode 1

You want to help your association succeed, but what has worked in the past no longer works today, let alone in the future. What do you need to ensure your association will be alive and thriving in 2030? Explore this four-part webinar series, Thrive vs. Survive: How Associations Outwit, Outperform and Outlast Against All Odds.

Episode 1 – Brain Over Brawn: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Times have changed and it’s likely your association has, too. Whether you have a smaller team now than before the pandemic or a reduced budget, having a well-planned strategy for success in this “new normal” is key.

It’s time to band together, rally your team and focus on what matters most to your organization. In this episode, we discuss how to identify your core competencies, find opportunities for growth and how to do more with less.

webinar episode 1

Episode 2 – More Than Hype: Delivering Value That Exceeds Expectation

You talk a good game to attract new members, but is your value proposition truly what potential members are looking for?

A strong mission, good benefits and quality offerings are important, but it takes more to prove to someone your association is worth buying into. As expectations continue to raise, make sure your level of service does, too.

webinar episode 2

Episode 3 – The Ultimate Agility Test: What Your Membership Numbers Are Telling You

A healthy, fit association is indicated by the size of its membership, right? Not necessarily.

Retention rate is a far more accurate test of an association’s aptitude, since it captures how effectively it’s keeping members engaged. Bringing in new talent is important, but if people are leaving faster than they came — that’s a problem.

If you’re committed to growth, it starts inward. Dig in with your members, get creative, be willing to adapt, and tighten up your communication. In other words, you’ve got to up your game!

In this episode, we bring together three association leaders who have succeeded with membership retention in this “new normal” environment. Join Karen Garrett, Chad Rummel and Patrick Haller to hear them detail their experiences and successes. Then, walk away inspired with ideas to keep your members coming back for more.

webinar episode 3

Episode 4 – Play to Win: Competing in the Digital Arena

You thought you knew association marketing, but the game has changed. take advantage of expert coaching from MultiView’s Chief Strategy Officer, Yariv Drori. He’ll discuss all things digital marketing including, strategies used by some of the largest companies in the U.S. to gain new clients, and how these techniques can also work for your association.

webinar episode 4

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