Attention ASAE Attendees: MultiView’s Ready to Party!


You read that right. We’re BACK, people! And by back, we mean in full swing with a hoppin’ party planned to thank our partners and association executives who are attending the ASAE Annual Meeting in Toronto this year.

Quick fact: Our association partners are our bread and butter, the cornerstone of what makes MultiView’s business model work. We know this, and throwing this party is our way of making sure they know that we know.

We also know how long days at trade shows and annual meetings can last (or seem to last). Coworkers back in the office who think you’re out just enjoying a few days off on the company dime are sadly mistaken. We’re talking miles and miles walked over a three-day stretch, covering the trade show floor, the keynote sessions, the game-changing education and everything in between – not to mention the hike to and from your room just to get to the convention center.

After a day like that, you don’t need to worry about what your coworkers are thinking of you. What you need to worry about is how you are going to let loose and make the most of the networking event you paid to attend. What you NEED to worry about is where you are going to party – and that’s where we come in.

After the trade show floor closes on Sunday, Aug. 13, tuck those trade show badges in your pocket or purse, trade your expo gear for dancing shoes, and join your fellow association executives at this year’s MultiView party at Real Sports Bar & Grill.

Deemed the No. 1 sports bar in North America by ESPN, Real Sports Bar & Grill promises to deliver a night you’ll never forget (or maybe one you won’t remember…your choice). As you dance the night away to live music, or get caught up in exciting games of trivia, be sure to remember one thing – MultiView is providing the food … and the DRINKS! So, make the most of it.

And don’t worry – if you’re hotel isn’t within walking distance from the bar, we have your transportation covered. There will be a complimentary shuttle that will run between the Real Sports Bar & Grill and the host hotels. The first shuttle departure is set for 8:25 p.m. and shuttles will run every 40-45 minutes until the last departure at 1 a.m. Each bus will be identified as a MultiView Party Shuttle with a color-coded sign for your route.

One thing to remember is this: we’re not in Vegas. This is Toronto. What happens here, goes everywhere. So, bring your smartphones ready to Snap, Tweet and go Live on Facebook and Instagram. We want everyone to know how much fun they could have had if they registered to #PartyWithMultiView. ← And memorize that hashtag right there – you’re going to need it. We’ll have a huge social wall sharing live updates and pics directly from the dance floor, stage, bar and shuttle. Face it – Sunday, Aug. 13 may be your shot at becoming a star, and with all of the giant screens at Real Sports Bar & Grill, you’ll never look bigger or better.

Are you sold? Wishing it was already August instead of just turning July? Start making plans to #PartyWithMultiView. 


MultiView Team Expert Brie Ragland

Brie Ragland

Sr. Marketing Manager

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