B2B Beat Ep. 2: Eliminate Tunnel Vision in the Buying Journey

The marketing journey isn’t as short and sweet as you may think, and full funnel marketing isn’t as complex as it may sound. Thanks for joining us for another episode of B2B Beat, the video series where our experts in everything business-to-business will answer your questions. In this episode, our Product Marketing Director, Cathy Chang, sheds some light on what full funnel marketing is and why it matters. Did you know more than 70 percent of the B2B buying journey occurs before your potential clients even contact your company? That means that if you’re only marketing to people who are evaluating different companies, you’ve missed out on connecting with more than two-thirds of your buyers. With the marketing tactics Cathy shares, your company can be present at each step of your potential customer’s path to purchase.

Check out some of the topics we will be covering in this series here, and ask @MultiView your own questions via Twitter using the hashtag #B2BConnected. Stay tuned to watch the next episode and continue to walk to your own B2B marketing beat.

And if you still want to learn more, download The B2B Buying Journey, the ebook written by our CMO Todd Ebert.

MultiView Team Expert Alex McMichael

Alex McMichael

Customer Service Manager

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