How B2B Brands Should Engage with Customers and Prospects


As a company representative — whether you’re an owner, the CEO, in middle management or near the low end of the totem pole — the goal for your brand is pretty cut and dry. It’s one of the oldest adages in business: The customer is always No. 1.

Your customers are your lifeline to a successful business. Seeing it written down almost seems elementary and slightly unnecessary to bring to attention, but it must be served as a constant reminder — considering that becomes a forgotten topic of discussion as B2Bs operate more and more on a digital platform.

Let’s be honest: While there are new-age tactics to running B2Bs, the old-school methods of engaging, interacting with and understanding customers of all ages still work very well. The most successful brands that fully engage their customers are well aware that interaction is key — and while the advancement of modern technology (email, text, etc.) can make it less personable, it can be still be effective in keeping business relationships copacetic.

When engaging in customers and potential customers, branding should never be secondary to selling. If anything, they should be on equal platforms. As B2B representatives continue to grow their brand, a primary objective should involve reaching customers to where a sustained relationship is built.
Here are a few tips in how B2B brands should engage with their customers and prospects:

Chit. And chat.

Some folks “converse.” And some folks even “conversate.” True, the latter may not be an actual word, but whatever the case, the goal is to engage in dialect. The best representatives understand that excellent dialect equates into staying relevant with the customers. They will always have questions and concerns; it’s your job to keep those questions and concerns to a minimum. Proper communication is the answer to that.

The best communicators adjust and adapt on a daily basis. It’s the not-so-great chatters who must understand that being innovative is important. Conversations can involve customer service, and customer service could mean quick responses to complaints or customer issues. And once those issues are resolved, additional conversation could follow, just to make sure customer satisfaction is achieved. It doesn’t seem difficult, but it can be for some. That’s understandable — but make it a priority to resolve any of your customer’s needs.

Believing in the brand

According to a recent Digital Commerce 360 study, 56 percent of buyers indicate that when a B2B website is selected, trust and brand perception are extremely important. Making an impression and selling it to customers is a must with brands — particularly new brands.

Before any of that happens, you, as the company representative, must know what the brand stands for. It’s a must to not only know the brand but be a staunch supporter of it. How can you sell the brand to someone if you can’t sell the brand to yourself?
Use the conversation with a customer or potential customer to emphasize the brand and demand the attention of whomever you’re speaking with. Never forget that your customer is priority No. 1 – but your brand and what your company stands for is equally important.

Understanding social media’s importance

Digital e-commerce and marketing — closing deals, conversing with clients, etc. — can be done just as well through an online and/or social media presence. With all of the social media channels available now, you must understand that customers engage in different manners. That could be via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social media avenue available through the internet.

If you’re not finding out where your target audience frequents, then you’re not doing your job — and the person next to you who is working with social media could be that person to take your shine. Social media has video, instant messaging, group chatting and opportunities to post simple testimonials. It’s vital to use your social media channels; find your niche, sell your brand and engage with customers old and new.

These tips will assist in selling a brand while also interacting with your customers. Take advantage of the opportunity, and win the day.

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