B2B Lead Gen Tactics for 2020


Fact: Your business needs leads to survive and grow.

Fact: Buyers are more self-directed than ever.

Conclusion: Your lead generation must adapt.

In the past, lead generation was about finding prospects. These days, as buyers have more access to information, they’ve become accustomed to doing their own top-of-funnel research. So now, lead generation is as much about leads finding you as you finding leads. As a result, lead generation tactics have evolved.

If you run a successful business, you’ve no doubt already incorporated some of these “modern” lead gen strategies. That doesn’t mean there’s not room always for improvement. It’s helpful to keep a mindful eye on current lead gen tactics. Consider using or expanding some of these lead gen ideas that are currently producing results for others.


You already know your website is the most valuable lead gen tool you have. Make sure you’re making the most of it, potentially by branching off from it. Microsites are individual webpages or a cluster of pages that can stand alone to focus on a specific niche or topic. A microsite commonly has its own independent URL. It can focus on a specific vertical within your industry, or perhaps even focus on a specific campaign. A major benefit to a microsite is that it functions well for long-tail keyword searches, which are low-volume, but often have greater conversion success.


Video isn’t new, but its accessibility is. Thanks to outlets like YouTube and Vimeo, anyone can offer the world video content. Furthermore, the ease of making video content means, well, that basically anyone can offer the world video content.

What used to be a professionals-only realm can now be accomplished with a smartphone and a WiFi connection. That’s not to say you don’t want some level of production quality in your video marketing, but the cost of entry for businesses has decreased dramatically, making it a viable – and valuable – option.

You probably know Google is the top search engine on the planet. But do you know which ranks No. 2? It’s YouTube. Because people love video. Don’t necessarily think of YouTube as an entertainment outlet, but as a search engine for your business. “How to” videos are extremely popular on YouTube, and they can help drive leads when you link your videos back to your website and landing pages.

Comment Marketing

Not to be confused with content marketing, this is a subtle tactic, but one many people may not have considered. For better or worse, depending on your point of view, the internet has provided us the opportunity to comment on just about anything and everything. News articles, blog posts… if it’s on a webpage, there’s a good possibility you can offer a comment on it.

Comment marketing requires a certain level of discretion. You can join/create conversation in the comment section and use it to push your brand. The key is not being a blatant sales pitchman – that will just come across as spam. But, poignant commentary can position you or your business as experts on the topic.

Free Lead Magnets

No, it’s not something your prospects can hang on the refrigerator. A lead magnet is a useful piece of content, such as a webinar, whitepaper or e-book, that can be downloaded free of charge in exchange for some basic contact information.

Obviously, this falls under the greater category of content marketing, but lead magnets can help you build trust and authority in the industry. Again, the danger is pushing too hard with your sales pitch. Make sure the content you use for generating leads is balanced, impartial and informative. Save the sales pitch for other collateral and let the lead magnets direct prospects back to your website or sales team.

There are plenty of great lead generation ideas out there, and obviously these are just a few. But by taking advantage of what’s currently working for others and experimenting with some ideas you may not have tried before, you can keep the top of your funnel full of potential buyers.

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