B2B Marketers: Will You Take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill?


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Things are often not what they seem, and sometimes that’s true for marketing strategies. When we think about where to focus our efforts, it’s easy to set our sights exclusively on the later stages of the buying journey, believing that we’re executing a comprehensive plan. But, the truth is that when most of us are shopping for a specific solution – whether it’s a simple consumer product or a complex B2B service – we’re not actively in the market for long before we’ve defined our requirements, researched our options, and made our choice.

So, how do you get your business on the short list of companies your customers are considering during the short time they’re shopping for solutions like yours? By being everywhere in the buying journey and not solely concentrating on everything past the awareness stage.

The fact is that we’re always in a buying journey for something we’ll purchase in the future even though we’re not in the market for it today. The path to purchase starts much sooner than you might think; and consequently, your messaging needs to start speaking to potential buyers much sooner than you might think. That’s why brand awareness campaigns are so crucial and why display advertising continues to be so effective.

Think about where your marketing focus is now and take a hard look at your options: take the blue pill and stick with your current strategy, or take the red pill that Morpheus is offering us to break free from a limited view of the buying journey and start seeing the real possibilities of your marketing.

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