B2B Marketing 101 for 2020


We are weeks away from the year 2020. New horizons. New endeavors. New opportunities.

An innovation story courtesy of NBC News gives insight on what we all should expect during the new year and in preparation of immediate years to come. The article discusses how OLED screens will become commonplace, self-driven automobiles will continue to be a topic of discussion and universal translation in mobile devices will be the norm.

In B2B marketing, changes seem to happen every day — every hour or every minute, even. There’s always something new with digital marketing, and it’s a marketing representative’s responsibility to stay on top of the game. If he doesn’t, his competitor will, and his competitor will pass him up in a very fierce — and, many times, cutthroat — environment.

It’s no secret that positive and effective B2B marketing doesn’t happen overnight, and those who were successful in 2019 are looking to be even more successful in 2020. Those who didn’t have a great 2019 will look to have a breakout 2020.

With the new year right around the corner, B2B marketers are preparing their 2020 strategies. Some of those strategies involve trends that don’t seem to go anywhere. With that said, here are three very important reminders for marketers to take into the new year.

Focus on your client

This seems easy enough, right? In this game of marketing, you’re in the business to cater to the consumer. You build a product to generate leads for new consumers, and you enhance and remix the product to keep old consumers.

You’d be surprised how often this basic element of marketing is forgotten — particularly by new B2B marketers. There are those who are so worried about having their own strategies in tact that they forget who really matters — the consumer.

Marketing is a business of revenue and innovation, but none of that matters — or is even possible — if you can’t sell your idea or the brand itself to the consumer. Never forget that your client is the biggest puzzle. Repeat, never forget.

Create great visual content

Remember that over-two-decades old marketing slogan by Canon EOS, “image is everything?” This is probably good for Generation X marketers, not so much for millennial marketers. Here’s a flashback for you more-seasoned workers.

Let’s adjust that slogan for 2020 B2B marketing. “Images are everything.”

Truth be told, adding images to your content is a must in digital marketing, as the visual learning serves as a big complement to the verbal, linguistic and logical models of your presentation.

In an article by Marketing Insider Group, it is suggested that marketers use compelling images in an effort to “make your content easy on the eyes and use white space to your advantage.” Per the article, in a study, 37% of marketers said visual marketing is their most important form of content, primarily because of the assumption that it “greatly contributes to building trust and engagement with audiences.”

Keep a finger on the pulse

You want to stay ahead of the curve? Well, make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve.

To keep this simple, it is very important for B2B marketers to be on top of all trends past, present and future. While some of the objectives of past trends may resemble objectives of future trends, the methods of achieving those objectives may be different. What worked in 2019 may not have worked in 2012. And with how quickly digital marketing can change, what worked in 2019 may not work in 2020.

Strategies like marketing automation, event marketing and social media marketing should be a part of your regular routine. Content marketing has become popular, as well. And of course, strategies like word of mouth and email marketing will always have longevity.

Preparation counts here, and in marketing, being up to date with everything is huge when discussing preparation.

B2B marketing in 2020 should be a task made simple, as long as you remember and implement these three tips. Use these to either get a great start on the year or to get a solid first step against your competition. Best of luck in the new year!

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