B2B Marketing Myth Busters: Data Exchange Partners

Data Exchange article

Myth 1: B2B marketers only need 1 data exchange partner.

Consumers are like complex jig-saw puzzles. To solve the puzzle, you first need to have all of the puzzle pieces. Next, you need to understand the relationship between the puzzle pieces. The more information, the better.

If you focus on only one data exchange, you get a limited selection of puzzle pieces and information.  You miss out on a wide world of insight and opportunity that you need. Google searches are not the end-all-be-all of search data.

Secondary and tertiary search engines aggregate specialized data that when combined with a mass-market search engine, creates a clearer picture of the niche, B2B customer. The data from search engines like WebMD or Lowes could be very useful for understanding and reaching B2B audiences in the context of their industry. What if your audience doesn’t even research a particular type of product or service on Google? You just missed a venue to find someone who might have been interested in learning more about your business. Make sure you cover all of your bases.

Myth busted: B2B marketers need to utilize more than one data exchange partner to build more targeted and comprehensive programmatic campaigns.

MultiView Team Expert Carl Robitaille

Carl Robitaille

Director of Data and Analytics

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