B2B Marketing Myth Busters: Marketing Automation

Programmatic campaigns are like small children – they require continuous guidance and attention from adults..

By Carl Robitaille

Myth 3: Programmatic advertising is “set it and forget it.”

Nothing could be further from the truth – the algorithms can’t do it all. Programmatic advertising requires human oversight, monitoring and optimization to get the most out of it, especially when it comes to reaching niche audiences.

A programmatic advertising algorithm is like a child. As it grows and matures, it requires care, attention and guidance from adults.

Algorithms need to be fed high-quality data. If they are fed garbage, they will deliver garbage campaigns. Why invest in 1 million impressions that are being served to the wrong consumer?

Programmatic technology also requires regular monitoring. Human behavior and the world at large is complex and constantly changing – campaigns can run amok by misapplying context and relevance to targeting methodologies.

A team of data scientists and account managers is essential for continuously molding, scaling and improving programmatic campaigns. Experienced oversight teaches algorithms how to understand and apply a never-ending flow of information for driving campaigns.

Don’t get me wrong, programmatic advertising is a powerful tool for implementing B2B marketing campaigns. But keep in mind, it takes a village to raise a child.

Myth busted: B2B programmatic campaigns require regular attention from an experienced team of data scientists and account managers in order to train buying algorithms and improve campaign performance. 

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