B2B Tactics Playbook: What is a Brand Lift Campaign?

brand lift campaignWhen online marketing began, the quintessential statistic everyone looked to was the click-through rate. While CTR is still a valid metric, it certainly has lost its standing as the go-to measurement for a company’s marketing success.

In a recent study one of the key findings was that brand lift came out as a metric cared about most – 17 percent calling it the most important metric available.

Brand lift campaigns are aimed to increase overall site traffic to a page by creating a site traffic goal and then closely monitoring its execution status. The purpose of a brand lift campaign is to create a positive shift in customer awareness and perception.

“Serve ads to relevant profiles at three stages of the consumer funnel: awareness, interest and desire to impact a buying decision. These lead to the final stage: action,” said Andrew Gilley, senior behavioral marketing data analyst at MultiView. “Since the ad is not constantly in front of the audience, [if the campaign is executed correctly] the audience will conduct a brand search or visit the site directly when ready to make an action.”

Through the course of a brand lift campaign, typically a webmaster, data analyst or digital marketer measures the campaign activity against the previously established benchmark.

Gilley says that with this approach, it is important to look for several measureable values of campaign success:

  • New/unique visitors: What percentage of the audience consists of brand new visitors, and how many have visited this week, month, quarter, etc.?
  • Return visitors: What percentage of the site users actually return to the website?
  • Bounce rate: How many new visitors have visited your site and then immediately clicked away. In this case, the lower the rate the better. A low bounce rate indicates that the site has more engaging and interesting content for its audience.

When a brand lift campaign works, Gilley says, there are a number of easily recognizable changes to a brand’s status. Some of the noticeable improvements in brand perception are:

  • Gaining new followers on social media platforms
  • Becoming top of mind in online searches
  • Attracting new customers
  • Increasing repeat customers

Using campaigns and strategies to boost brand awareness online is vitally important. According to a report released by Google and Millward Brown, 71 percent of B2B researchers start their search with a generic keyword query on a search engine. On average, B2B researchers do 12 searches prior to engaging on a specific brand’s site. Brand lift campaigns are useful for reaching today’s consumers because they are less focused on brand-specific keywords and more oriented toward product-specific keywords.

With a brand lift campaign, defining what exactly “brand lift” means for a particular campaign and how it should be measured is the No. 1 priority. Goals have to be established so the means for measuring those goals can be developed. Far too many advertisers don’t adopt adequate measurement models because, oftentimes, they don’t have their own goals. Don’t fall into this trap.

MultiView Team Expert Stephen Peters

Stephen Peters

Senior Email Marketing Strategist

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