Beat the Holiday Sales Slump and Reach Your Customers

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Originally, today’s blog post was going to be the typical, “What are you thankful for?” post. After all, Thanksgiving is in two days, and it gives everyone the warm fuzzies. Then I had a little inspiration come to my email inbox at about 8am today…so the Thanksgiving post will have to wait!

One of my dear friends over at Memberclicks, Sarah Hill (who I fondly refer to as, “my sister from another mister”), wrote a great blog post this morning about reaching your members over the holidays. As both of our companies work closely with trade associations, we get the inside scoop on what makes them tick. Sarah’s post from this morning is perfectly timed, highlighting why it’s difficult to reach out to association members during the holidays, why you SHOULD reach out to association members at this time and how to go about it.

I’m going to expand on Sarah’s blog post and talk about reaching customers during the holidays as a sales professional. Whether working in sales for an association or for any other business, selling products and/or services over the phone or in person, you know as a sales professional that getting ahold of your clients can be a daunting task during the holiday season. The good news is, you can prevail if you put your mind to it!

Below are some strategies and tips on reaching potential customers at the office and beating the holiday sales slump:

1. Capitalize on the holiday spirit. People are typically in a good mood during the holidays because they are focusing on family and their home. What does that mean for you as a sales professional? It means you can be a lot more light-hearted in your conversations because both sides excited about the same thing- a break from work for a couple of days and getting to stuff your face full of delicious food! If you focus on this, you may find reaching your decision maker and getting an answer a little bit easier of a task. Besides, if they make a decision now, it’s one less thing they have on their plates upon walking into the office after the holidays!

2. Remember that most departments within companies are trying to spend this year’s remaining budget, as well as planning for next year. Buyers are typically given an annual budget to spend. If they don’t spend ALL of that budget by the time they roll into next year’s budget, guess what?! They don’t get as big of a budget the following year. No one wants that! So if they have some extra dollars to spend, you want to be that contender for their business. Also, as Sarah pointed out in her post, it is important to be built into next year’s budget plan!

3. Don’t worry about what you can’t control. What do you do if the office or person you are trying to reach is unavailable because of the holidays? You put a note in the account to call on them afterward, and then move on to the next call. The more calls you make (whether on the phone or in person), the more decision makers you will reach; so don’t waste time fretting about who you cannot reach, and focus on who you CAN  reach today.

What are some of the ways you reach your customers during the holidays? What works for you? I’d love to see some suggestions in the comments below!

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