Becoming Consumer-Centric With Creativity


Creativity is essential for your digital advertising campaigns — knowing how to use it in a way that fits your audience is even more so.

Is your digital ad creative consumer-centric?

Here are three types of digital advertisements that will help lead you in the right direction across mediums:

  1. Concept ads typically tell the story of your brand. In the digital environment, they are generally videos. Outside of digital you would recognize them as TV commercials or full-page publication advertisements. These are more perceptual in nature – helping to challenge or reinforce assumptions about a particular brand or concept.
  1. Content ads (native ads) are mainly weaved into publications as promoted recommendations, in-text links and in-stream ads. You’ll generally find them where a consumer can share or comment. High-quality content ads engage users with relevant opinions, news and information. They are known for being less disruptive through creating a nearly seamless connection between the brand and the context of the publication.
  1. Commerce ads tend to have one goal in mind – direct response. These ads are geared towards getting a consumer to complete a particular action, such as visiting the website. Their size and appearance varies across digital publications, however they are known for uniformly retargeting consumers with consistent messaging.

All of these advertisements serve a different purpose. Each operates as a different instrument within the marketer’s tool kit. It’s ultimately about what behavior or perception the advertiser wishes to drive home with their audience.

That said, to ensure you’re getting the results you desire consider asking yourself these questions in the planning stages of your campaign:

  1. Have you clearly defined your audience?
  2. What behavior/perception are you trying to modify or reinforce?
  3. What is the end-state benefit to your consumer?
  4. Is your messaging clear and compelling enough to grab the attention of your consumer?
  5. What are your reasons to believe?

Want to learn more about consumer-centric creativity? Check out the MultiView Resources site. 

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