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Landing pages have long been a staple of marketing campaigns in the digital age, but simply having one often isn’t enough to get the job done. Getting someone to visit your landing page is one thing; actually turning that person into a paying customer is something else entirely.

But all hope is not lost. If your landing page conversions aren’t quite at the level you’d like them to be, here are a few quick and easy tips that you can use to significantly boost them effective immediately.

It’s About Quality, Not Quantity … Kind Of

One of the best things that you can do to start boosting landing page conversions actually involves avoiding one of the biggest mistakes in this area that far too many people still seem to make. You need to think about a landing page for what it really is — an opportunity to both find and gain a new lead. Therefore, it stands to reason that the more opportunities you create for yourself, the better.

According to one recent study, as many as 62 percent of B2B companies in particular usually have about six landing pages, sometimes less. These pages are hardly boilerplate — they’re all very specific to the unique offer or value proposition that broad someone there in the first place, thus increasing the chances of a sale. As a general rule of thumb, six is probably a good number to shoot for.

However, the exception to that is that 48 percent of all marketers ALSO build a new landing page for each marketing campaign that they create. Again, this is a way for you to keep your pages as fresh — and as specific — as you possibly can, thus substantially boosting conversions.

Videos Are Amazingly Effective

Another technique that you’ll want to heavily rely on to boost landing page conversions involves making sure that you have at least one video on the page when the lead arrives. People are willing to read, yes — but they’ve proven they’d much rather watch a video than even skim some bare text about an offer, even if both sources contained the same basic information.

Just how effective is video to this goal, you ask? In a word, “very.” One study estimates that including even a single video on a landing page can boost conversions by as much as 86 percent.

It’s All About A/B Testing

Not only do you want to have multiple landing pages in order to boost conversions, but you’ll also want to have multiple versions of those pages to help you craft your message for the particular audience you’re speaking to in the moment. A/B testing is a terrific way to go about doing this, because it gives you the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t with a smaller audience before rolling it out to a larger one.

Think about it like this: during his Presidential campaign, President Obama was able to raise an additional $60 million (!) that was attributed specifically to their use of A/B testing in this way. If it’s good enough for the President of the United States, it’s good enough for you.

These are just a few of the many, many ways that you can start boosting landing page conversions today. But remember, none of these tips were designed to be an “all or nothing” affair. In reality, you’ll likely want to use a combination of all of these methods. But the theme that runs through all of this is clear: only by making a proactive effort to guarantee that your landing pages are as strong as they can be will you be able to get conversions where you need them to be as soon as possible.

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Stephen Peters

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