To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

The most constant thing at MultiView is change.  In the protean world of digital media and sales, change is the force which drives success.  Being part of the sales force means being susceptible to change and embracing new ideas.  No matter how superstitious you are, there must be some correlation between falling into a ‘sales slump’ and falling into a routine.  By keeping things fresh at MultiView, we keep things flourishing.  No matter how significant the change, whether it be in the pitch, in the project, or even in the desk in which you sit, the rippling effect drives results.  Ben Franklin said, “When you’ve finished changing, you’re finished.”

Embracing such rapid change is not the easiest thing.  Generally, there is inclination to get settled and an urge to resist altering the comfort established.  Comfort is the very adversary of sales.  This adversary is overcome by staying on point, ready to fire on all cylinders at any second.  To be caught off-guard in this job is not affordable.  

At MultiView, after training, there is no single ‘track’ to follow.  There are special teams, different departments, leadership tracks and miscellaneous demands which are all possibilities for any team member.  When I think about mobility in the company, I picture one of those cartoon road signs pointing in all different directions. Picture 1 In a building with four floors and countless specialties, it is no shock that your next move could be anywhere.  With every physical move comes a fresh start.  There is no arbitrary action.  We are not haphazardly scattered around the sales floor.  Each shift reflects careful thought and consideration.  To me, there is no promotion or demotion or any sort of vertical movement in our sales environment.  We are not set up to either fail or succeed.  Each person is placed where he or she can make the greatest impact, and when those needs are exceeded or changed, well, another move must be imminent.    To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.   – Winston Churchill

Physical change isn’t the only refreshing variant at MultiView.  We get to work where each day brings new challenges and tasks.  We even have an M.J. who plays us different music all day, every day, in an effort to avoid succumbing to a banal routine.

Have you ever gone rogue on a pitch?  Sometimes I get this wave of attitude, a feeling of audacity, and my pitch embodies that.  When I start to feel like I am reading off some imaginary script, I know it is time to alter something.  Sometimes this can be as simple as cranking my desk up high and standing for awhile.  No matter the call, every conversation is bound to be (and absolutely should be) different.  Obviously  each person on the other end of the line is going to respond and react differently, but I like to break the routine up on my own terms.  On one call I tried to do the whole pitch without saying the word ‘like’ unnecessarily.  While I didn’t emphasize my focus on this (can’t let it mess up my ebb and flow pitching) I found that it forced me to get more creative in explaining things.  Small changes like that tantamount to much needed breaks from routine.  Falling into stagnant and stale habits translate to robotic interactions, literally draining the personality on which salespeople thrive.

Perhaps the best perk about this kaleidoscopic environment is the excitement.  It is impossible to fall into the humdrum routine which plagues so many nine-to-fivers.  We are a multifaceted group with constant development and growth.  Change is inevitable.  Each day at work is like a snowflake, individually unique,  but combined it creates one indomitable storm of sales.

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