Company Culture and Benefits: What They Mean for Your Future


History has shown repeatedly that for a company to be even somewhat appealing, they must offer a certain level of work-life balance as well as a nice benefits package. In fact, recently ran an article discussing five benefits today’s employees look for in the workplace, and the list included all of the perks one should expect to see in a solid career offering – healthcare, paid time off, performance bonuses and 401k plans.

Well, I’m proud to say that MultiView offers all of these, and more. Let me explain. MultiView firmly believes in setting its employees up for continued success by offering comprehensive, on-the-job training, a mentorship program that aims to build career momentum and offers a creative and competitive environment like no other.

Now, many people believe competition to be natural, healthy and character building, while others consider it to be psychologically harmful and potentially damaging. You see, competition begins at a very young age, growing throughout adolescence and continuing to develop into adulthood. Competition making its way into the office space is not a new phenomenon, but it’s one that can be harnessed and used for good.

At MultiView, we see competition as a way to build a passion for the business within our employees. We strive to eliminate competition that creates a pressured environment that often leads to unhealthy levels of stress, health issues including high blood pressure and depression, and frequent burnout which unfortunately leads to increased employee turnover.

Now, I won’t tell you that MultiView is immune to this kind of workplace competition. After all, it is a mostly sales-based environment focused on success and advancement, so it is nearly impossible to avoid competition at its base level. There is one difference at MultiView, though – one that sets it miles apart from other companies.

The competition in our workspace creates a one-team unity that surprisingly enough seems to help foster teamwork and encouragement even though peers are competing against one another.

golf_outingFor example, you cannot go a day without hearing encouragement, positivity and even loud cheering on the sales floor. Employees from different teams and even different departments are often heard shouting excitedly when one of our salespeople screams out in excitement after closing a sale on a call or email. Plus, there are celebratory songs for each of the sales, so you can just picture yourself in an office environment unlike any you’ve experienced before.

Add to that the fact that MultiView really does take your well-being into account in numerous ways, and you have a place where you can build a career that lasts. For instance, we focus on early start and end times to help employees avoid rush-hour traffic (because we all know the nightmare of stress that can add to our lives). No one benefits from employees getting into the office already stressed out from fighting road rage and crazy drivers on their way into the office.

We also have our teams go to an early lunch to break up the day a bit. While it sounds like a small benefit, this again allows them to miss the madness of the regular lunch hour traffic on the roads and in the restaurants, where you can barely get a good, healthy meal in the time allotted. It also gives our team the opportunity to access the on-site gym or take long walks after or before their meal. This has proven to give our employees more energy throughout the day, as well as giving them the opportunity to blow off steam from rough mornings. And with softball and volleyball leagues, and the occasional corporate golf outings, MultiView continues to invest in the health of its employees.

Daily flexibility is a nice perk, but we also give employees generous amounts of paid time off – some scheduled and some more spontaneous. I’m talking about early releases on long weekends, or summer afternoons to give employees time to enjoy with their families and friends. Throw in a casual dress code, occasional free breakfasts and lunches, and an overall fun approach to work that has to be done, and MultiView looks like the ideal work environment for anyone looking to get into the digital marketing industry.

If you are looking for a career that not only positively affects your bank account and career portfolio, but also benefits your overall well-being, apply to work at MultiView today.

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