Could you be more ‘pacific?’

As a content editor for MultiView, it is my job to read, write and edit on a daily basis. Unfortunately, that carries over into my personal life and I am constantly correcting my friends when they misspeak, or am the first to point out errors on restaurant menus or billboards. It’s just part of who I am. I have even been known to correct my coworkers’ instant messages (you know who you are). Yes, it may annoy some, but I’m really just trying to do my part to make this world a better place – and by better, I mean grammatically correct.

The biggest change I would like to be a part of is making Facebook a more literate space. In a world where it seems like more time is dedicated to posting pictures of children and pets (guilty), and short handing text messages, it is becoming more and more prevalent to see extremely poor grammar passed off or excused as a means of saving time.

And while I get that, there really is no excuse to grossly misspell or misuse words. I mean, it seriously pains me to read some of my friends’ Facebook posts. For example:

  • “I defiantly had the most amazing time at my family’s Christmas party this weekend.” (Oh you did, huh? I bet your family definitely loved being defied by you. That must’ve been awesome!)
  • “So I heard A&M is supposably loosing Cliff Kingsbury to Texas Tech.” (This one hurt on SO MANY levels.)
  • “My teacher is literally a pigheaded idiot!” (Really? Wow! Talk about a tabloid headline that sells!)

Now, don’t get me wrong. I realize that not all of my friends have had the journalistic experiences that I have, but still, I think general knowledge (HIMYM salute) should affect these posts in some way. Right?

As an association, it can be a burdensome task to proofread all emails and communications that go out to your members. Trust me. As a former marketing manager for an association, I know all about this stress. No matter how many eyes you have on a project, there is still the fear that a mistake will slip through and you’ll have to do some explaining to your members as to why you misspelled their business name or directed viewers to the wrong website or phone number, or even worse – promoted an article or news item that directly opposes the association’s official stance on the matter.

With that in mind, MultiBriefs provides professional e-newsletters to help make your association look as significant, informed and qualified as possible. We provide the latest industry trends and information on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.

With MultiBriefs news briefs, you don’t have to worry about bad information or embarrassing grammatical errors filling your members’ inboxes. With a team comprised of experienced journalists and efficient communicators, MultiBriefs delivers quality content associations can count on.

So, forget about worrying if someone is going to ask you to be more pacific (I prefer being Atlantic myself). Rely on the MultiBriefs service – one you can trust – and rest easy knowing that finding good grammar and relevant information is not only what we do, but who we are.


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