Creative approaches in analytics with MultiView’s lead gen expert, Andrew Kretzschmer

andrew kretchmer


Andrew Kretzschmer, MultiView’s director of sales operations, is a dual package of creativity ­­and analytics prowess. He manages MultiView’s B2B lead generation operations and fervently believes in cultivating innovation in analytics.

“Someone has to create a more efficient process. Why can’t it be you?”

An entrepreneur at heart, Andrew is always finding new opportunities. In college he built a real estate business by purchasing homes in Grand Prairie and Desoto, Texas, flipping them for revenue.

MH: How has your entrepreneurial mindset and creative thinking helped you in analytics?

AK: Creativity allows me to think outside of the box and come up with new strategies and ways of finding leads. Every day, you have to discover new ways of doing things – learning and inventing what no one has before. I am often presented with a task that I have to innovate to solve, and that is where creativity really comes into play.

MH: Can you give us an example of creativity at work in your lead generation practices?

AK: Creativity helps me see new patterns in prospect behavior, and then craft new ways of drawing correlations and targeting that behavior.

For instance, I used creativity to design a new lead scoring algorithm that takes internal and external variables from our database, such as Google AdWords or site traffic data, and combines these variables to estimate the probability of a company making a purchase based on its behavioral patterns.

MH: How did MultiView empower you to be creative in your role?

AK: If you have a great idea, this is a safe place for growing and presenting it to management. I have implemented many new ideas and improvements because of the company’s culture and approach to innovation.

That’s what I love about MultiView – it is open to new ideas and allows you to be creative by looking outside of the box for solutions.

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