How Creative Planning Will Result in Social Media Success


Running your company’s social media accounts isn’t just about posting pretty pictures. Neither does it mean you should have social accounts simply because every other company is on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Having a creative strategy will help your company connect and network with your consumers and fans, and grow along the way.

Here are some helpful tips to consider:

Pay attention to what you’re saying
Captions are important, but it goes beyond being clever, using puns, or playing the role of the comedian. The message you’re conveying to your following should consider your company’s beliefs and tone, the post at hand, and the message itself – what are you trying to accomplish by hitting post? Constructing a narrative over time will help you tell your company’s story in a timely, relaxed manner. Be sure to proofread too, as bad grammar is never a good look, and your followers will likely flood the comment section with corrections.

Keep your social media accounts social
Your social media strategy shouldn’t be to shill every product or service you’re offering. The “sell, sell, sell” mentality will be a turn-off to any following. Fear not – the buying will come in due time. Social Media Today reports that 77% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media, over ones they do not. Furthermore, 67% of consumers are more likely to increase their spending with a brand they follow. Focus on gaining followers organically through the strategy you’ve laid out.

Your social platforms are best suited to providing customer service, interacting with your followers, and (gently) reminding your fans that you’re a knowledgeable industry voice. Keep the conversation going over time, and respond to your following!

Adjust in real-time
Didn’t get as many likes as you had hoped for? Lucky for you, social media isn’t as permanent as a print campaign. Planning ahead will save you time and money (especially when using influencers), but making changes on the fly is perfectly normal, if not expected. Also worth noting: Keeping track of what your following is up to will assist with creating content for future posts. Maybe you’ll find a way to incorporate the latest viral craze into your next post – as long as it makes sense for your brand.

Create a community
The most successful social media accounts are those that engage and interact with their following. This goes beyond the step of keeping your account social – if successful, your social media feed will promote a lifestyle that is embodies your brand. Keep your narrative consistent across social platforms, but vary the content being produced. While Instagram thrives on visuals, LinkedIn may be a better place to share press releases and other corporate news.

The Drum recently took a look at Oatly, a San Francisco-based alternative milk brand. The company’s strategy? Not having a marketing department, and using its creative team to craft each post, ultimately going “against the grain and defy(ing) the rules of social and still produc(ing) great results.” They credit their excellent imagery and writers’ craft in producing messages that resonate with their followers, concluding that their company is more of a voice than a brand. Their “punk” approach to social media has served them well, exemplifying what a good strategy can accomplish.

How do you want to present your brand on social media? Considering the above advice, and seeing what’s worked for others, you will see that planning ahead with your consumer in mind will be your greatest asset. Don’t be afraid to get creative – it’s ultimately the path to social media success for your brand.

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