Digital Marketing: How Much Will It Cost Me?


So, you’ve decided your business needs to invest in digital marketing. Or, maybe your staff is lobbying you to do so. Perhaps a vendor has pitched you on the idea. Like any investment, the first questions that probably come to mind are, “Do I need this?” and “What will this cost me?”

Good questions.

Let me simply answer the first question: probably.
Now, the second one … well, that gets less simple. If you haven’t tried Googling how much digital marketing will cost you, I can save you some time and tell you don’t bother. You’ll either get one of two things: a call-to-action advising you to get a custom quote, or you’ll get a chart that looks something akin to this …


If that narrows it down for you, then you have a much more lenient demand for specifics than I do.

In defense of both these approaches, it is virtually impossible to provide a useful estimate on the cost of a digital marketing investment. Like many other things, plenty of variables come into play. It’s not unlike buying a house. You can’t just ask how much it costs to buy a house and get a realistic answer. Where is the house located? Is it on the beach? A golf course? How big is the house?

Let’s say you’re considering an investment in digital marketing but aren’t yet ready for a hard sell from some agency or specialty shop. Is there any way to ballpark how much it might cost you? Eh, not really. Unless the above chart fits into your definition of ballpark.

But here’s what I can provide you – a look at what plays into the costs of digital marketing. Just like when you’re buying that house, you know the different factors that impact the pricing. But if you don’t have that knowledge for your marketing, you might end up paying beachfront prices for a rat shack campaign.

That’s why MultiView has put together a short ebook on the costs of digital marketing. I can tell you upfront, you won’t walk away from it with a dollar-figure estimate. But, if nothing else, you’ll have a clearer picture on what impacts the costs and how to factor those into your plans. There’s also some research information about budgeting and some common approaches to how marketing fits into the overall business expenses.

It won’t take long to read, so give it a look and take from it what you can. Of course, if you want specific answers to your costing questions, you can always reach out to a rep at MultiView who would be happy to put a more precise cost to your marketing objectives.

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