Totally ‘Doe-minate’ the boards today

Writers look for inspiration anywhere they can find it. The beauty of a magnificent rainbow. The carefree smile of a young child. The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day of a coworker. Or maybe the inspirational book that moves them to not only words, but action.

But you know what? Sometimes – much like finding the love of your life – you have to stop looking for the perfect topic to write about, and let it just hit you and win you over with flowers and the perfect date … wait … what was I talking about again? Oh! Right. Writing (certainly not drifting into anyone’s love life, because that’s lame).

And speaking of lame … you know those people who have no love life to speak of and care too much about their pets and share countless images and stories about said pets on any and every social networking site out there? Yeah. I’m one of those. And in sticking with the theme I mentioned above, I decided to just let my Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix, Doe, share my Multi-musings for the week.



Doe totally knows how to start the day off right. Getting revved up and pumped for an exciting day of MultiView Buyer’s Guide sales, MultiBriefs content creation or MultiWeb ad creation for association websites is key to being successful. Keeping that energy up for the day is super important as we all know. Nothing like a little exercise or movement to keep you going, so you can go hard in the fourth quarter.


Here, Doe knows that her mama just pushed another MultiBriefs news brief out the door, and is wishing and hoping the open and click through rates match the amount of work put into choosing the perfect stories to amuse, interest and inform association partners’ members.

Doe_UpDoe is a huge Kidd Kraddick in the Morning fan (don’t ask me why…I think she just really relates to Big Al for some reason). One thing is for sure though. She totally lives by their daily closing statement. “Keep looking up…cause that’s where it all is.” Now, even though she’s looking more for squirrels or lasers rather than a big sale or gripping news stories, this seems like solid advice to me.
Doe_LaserEyesIn this one, Doe imitates the laser sharp focus of the MultiView sales team. She knows our teams come in each day, ready to provide some killer digital advertising to drive members and direct users around the world to association homepages.

Doe_GamefaceDoe’s game face. Everyone has one of these. Put yours on and do some work!
Doe_GreyDoe knows you have to keep a positive outlook, even when the atmosphere around you may be a bit grey and gloomy. Keeping a smile on your face,  having fun with what you do and focusing on how you treat others may just help you close that one sale that others with less positive attitudes have not been able to.
Doe_Suds“Seriously. Are you kidding me with this?” Yeah. We’ve all been there. We hear the reasons people give for not being able to pull the trigger on buying digital advertising, or why their content is late or even for why they are wearing two different shoes that day (yeah, I’m super sure you got dressed in complete darkness this morning…because no one has ever used their cellphone as a flashlight).
Doe_DroolMuch like Doe drools watching and craving the laser (yes, a little red light that she will never catch), it helps to really want that sale you’re going after, or in my case, to really want to find the perfect story that will make a killer opening item. Yeah, literal drool is gross…but metaphorical drool is awesome. Feel the craving for that sale. Let the drool hang from your chin. Revel in knowing that you closed that huge sale. And then wipe that drool off and start all over again.
Doe_JubblyI’m fairly certain we all know what this face is. “LOVELY JUBBLY!” Of course this is her favorite part of the day – howling for all the world to hear all about her successes of the day. You have to love that feeling of knowing you got around the excuses not to buy or the hesitation of deciding which package would be optimal for the most bang for a buck – or for content editors like myself, getting that last brief of the day out the door and off of your to-do list.


Something we can all appreciate right here. Days at MultiView are exciting and fun, but the workdays truly are intense and energetic, so there’s nothing quite like getting home from a productive day at the office and crashing on the couch all tongued out and happy.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Did I really just spend five whole minutes looking at the cutest dog in the entire world?” And I sure am hoping your answer is yes. Because while she is definitely the prettiest girl in my whole world, she might just also be the motivation you needed to have the best day ever.

MultiView Team Expert Brie Ragland

Brie Ragland

Sr. Marketing Manager

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