Don’t let millennials be roadblocks – learn to speak their language


For some time now, millennials have gotten a bad rap. Several of our past blog posts have discussed how to balance getting the attention of millennials while using the skills we’ve been using on older generations, but is it working?

It’s time to stop the madness of juggling generations and focus on one. Let’s face it … millennials are now the house-hold decision makers, and the business decision makers, so truly appealing to this generation will give you the most bang for your buck.

Forbes states that “millennials are rewiring the workforce with their generational attributes, values and preferences,” so let’s start speaking their language.

This generation has grown up with mobile-devices, and are always on the go. In fact, millennials spend around 25 hours a week online, so there’s no doubt that you have a 15-30 second window in order to gain the attention of millennials. How do you do this? With digital content – more specifically, video.

Roughly 30% of millennials have actually stated that they prefer video when looking for vendor information. Trailing, not too far, behind were case-studies, white papers and brochures. Basically, anything with substantial facts and figures, plays into the buying power of millennials. With video being named the content with the best ROI, you can’t go wrong.

Is your business promoting a healthy lifestyle, or contributing to the good of society? Post it. Millennials thrive on companies that display positive values. This may put you in the right direction for speaking their language, but there’s more.

This generation wants to have a conversation with you, so don’t try to hard sell them. Not to mention, they prefer brands that are referred to them either by word of mouth or online. Millennials have easy-access to everything they should ever know about your company to persuade into making a purchase.

“Because information is now easily accessed, it’s no longer just about [sellers providing] information but sellers must also provide inspiration about a problem the buyer hasn’t thought of,” Byron Matthews, president and CEO of Miller Heiman Group said to Inc.

One way to do this is to use your data – yes, your data. Millennials have so much information at their fingertips, that you have to cater your messaging to stand out from the rest. Use those data tools to appeal to their values – personalize it! You’re going to want to foster this relationship naturally, so be sure to have fun. Just as it was previously mentioned, millennials are attracted to anything visually appealing, so don’t be afraid to use video or drop in a GIF.

Colby Horton, MultiView’s executive vice president of marketing, suggests using this data to your advantage, making sure both your message and your creative grabs the attention of this generation.

“Over 87 percent of MultiView’s team falls under the Gen Y umbrella. So we’re constantly dipping into that knowledge base to come up with new marketing ideas that make us stand out,” he said. “We hear all the time that millennials can’t relate to messages or imagery that businesses put in their ad sets. They want to ‘see’ themselves using a product or service. And when a B2B marketing campaign doesn’t use their language, or shows images they can’t relate to, they glance over the campaign and move on to something else. Data and certain targeting methods allow you to serve edgy, attention-grabbing ads to specific demographics. Use that to your business’ advantage.”

In addition to video and data, follow-through is everything to millennials. A negative review on social media can be the end for some companies. Once you’ve attracted millennials to your products and services, the relationship doesn’t stop there. They need to receive the product or service and preferably on time. Think about it … they’re living in the age of Amazon, so they’re going to want fast responses. If you fail, don’t think for a second that it won’t be written about. Millennials are extremely vocal, so they’ll make sure to express their disappointment – and praise — online. With that, it’s critical to have a solid reputation management plan.

No matter how your marketing campaigns work, know that millennials shouldn’t be roadblocks to success. Make sure to keep their values on the top of your list, give them personalized content, and be timely.
Millennials are the brand ambassadors your company needs. Simply learn their language and you’ll be set.

Be sure to check out MultiView’s ebook “The Next Generation of B2B: Reaching the Millennial Decision Maker” for more insight on speaking the millennial language.

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