How Effective is Your B2B Marketing Content?


According to a recent study by Uberflip and Heinz Marketing, nearly 50% of B2B marketers have expressed frustration in regards to producing content for a given audience. Lack of effectiveness, personalization, measurability, and content production itself have all been exposed as points of contention. As digital marketing continues to evolve, improving these efforts is a must for marketers. Are you frustrated with your own business’ content marketing efforts? Consider the following tips for improvement.

Current content status
Our first order of business: Are you currently producing content? Thirty-six percent of marketers say they don’t have enough material to support their current marketing program. This doesn’t account for those that do not have a website, social media accounts, or the know-how to produce content in the online sphere. Simply put: If you’re note producing content, or putting your company online, how will anyone know about you? How will you continue to grow? Radio and television ads, or billboards, will only get you so far in 2019.

As digital marketing continues to evolve, your company will want to maintain a variety of online marketing efforts. While it may seem daunting at first, creating a digital presence for your company to grow and foster new working relationships will ultimately benefit everyone involved.

Personalize your content
Consider your audience. The study notes that 50% of marketers do not personalize their content, which becomes an issue when trying to target current or future clients. If your goal is to offer a certification program to new graduates, ensure that your marketing efforts aren’t targeting retirees or mid-level executives.

How to find out more about your audience? If they are signing up to receive emails from you, include a few questions during the sign-up: Location and level of education would help you decide if your program is best-suited for these individuals, or if you’ll need to cast a wider web.

Consider where your content is housed
Email marketing continues to grow, with a whopping potential return on investment of up to 4400%. With an audience that has opted into hearing from your company, it seems like a no-brainer – provide them with weekly offerings, tips, or sales. To boost your subscriber list numbers, include sign-ups on your website and social media accounts.

However, email isn’t the only answer. Maintaining an active presence on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn – will keep clients engaged, even as they might be scrolling to check out the latest cat videos or their friends’ professional updates. Be sure to post regularly, and don’t post the same content across all your accounts. Keep it varied, and keep in mind the strengths of each platform. While Instagram is heavily focused on visuals (such as showing off your company’s amazing new workspace), LinkedIn is better-suited for sharing that new whitepaper. Use hashtags and tag people, businesses, and locations accordingly. You might just find some new followers along the way!

One last note about social media: If your website has a blog, promote it on social media. Your audience won’t know about it if you aren’t telling them where it can be found. Be sure to pepper your blog with relevant industry keywords to boost your SEO rates. Remember what I said about people finding you? This will help if someone runs a basic Google search.

Use a call to action or include a next step
So now what? The email has been opened, the blog has been read, and your audience is still interested in what you have to say. But have you given them a next step? Have you linked to other products and services that your company offers? Perhaps your content isn’t effective enough because there is nothing to engage with. Every company will have a different set of goals, so consider what you’re hoping to accomplish with your B2B marketing efforts.

FOMO (the fear of missing out) has had great implications in content marketing. Email subject lines such as “Final day to register” or “Limited quantities available” will light a fire under your audience – if done correctly. Do you want more sign-ups? Sales? Webinar attendees? Your content is the gateway to growth, so be sure to let your audience know how they can continue to engage with your company.

As we move into 2020, ClickZ suggests that it isn’t the dollars spent or how much content is produced, but how smart a company’s content can be. Given the above suggestions for success, B2B marketers are better able to identify and fix content struggles now than in previous years. Adapting your strategy over time will be the greatest success; producing content in an engaging manner will propel you in the right direction.

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