Email Enters Another Year, Shows No Signs of Slowing Down


It feels like people have been writing email’s obituary for almost a decade now. Yet, email trudges on, remaining one of the most effective tools in the marketer’s chest. Despite its longevity, the medium is still evolving and changing to adapt to the digital world around it.

MultiView has assembled a collection of our blogs from the past year that relate to email and email marketing. It’s becoming clear that any account of the death of email has been greatly exaggerated, and you can expect email to be around for the foreseeable future. The marketer’s task will be making sure we continue to optimize our uses of email and capitalize on its continued importance.

Infographic: Navigating the SPACE of Email Marketing

Optimizing Email Engagement for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Avoiding the Spam Filter

Subject Line Do’s and Don’ts for Open Rate Success

Are Your Members Experiencing Email Fatigue? How Much Email is too Much?

How Email Marketing Can Impact SEO Efforts

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