How Email Newsletters Help Cure Your Members’ FOMO


The world in the year 2017 seems to move a mile a minute. We are attached to our smartphones and social media apps, allowing us to be constantly connected to the outside world. Little is private anymore as everyone shares their latest news and announcements on social media sites for all their followers to see. News outlets have had to pick up the pace to keep with the new culture of instant gratification that social media has created. In fact, The Washington Post now publishes one story every two minutes. So, it’s only natural for members to expect their association publications to keep up with the fast-paced world we live in. Delivering a weekly electronic newsletter to the inboxes of your members is a good way to ensure your members stay informed and avoid experiencing any fear of missing out (a.k.a. FOMO).

Share the industry’s latest and greatest

Nothing incites member FOMO like feeling they are out of the loop on the latest industry news. Your members are experts in their given industry, but if they aren’t clued in on the newest trends, they could end up feeling left out of the latest office conversations. Make sure this doesn’t happen by including pertinent industry news articles each week in your e-newsletter. Do a weekly check on your favorite industry-specific websites to see what’s new. Industry leaders in your field will often feature a frequently updated news feed on their home page. As long as the news is unbiased and focused on the industry rather than the company itself, these can be excellent resources to find news to share with members. The Twitter and Facebook pages of companies in the industry or industry publications are also useful resources for finding recent news. If a particular industry news story is getting a lot of buzz on social media, it is probably a good idea to share it or at least comment on it in your e-newsletter. A considerable amount of interest on a particular topic or story on social media can translate into a higher e-newsletter open and click rate. Social media is also your biggest promoter. The ability for members to share your e-newsletter articles on social media will also increase click-through rates as much as 158 percent and will help gain exposure for your newsletter and association as a whole.

Promote your events

The ultimate FOMO occurs when someone sees a photo or post on social media about an event going on that they either didn’t know about or weren’t invited to. You do not want this to happen to your association members. Here is a scenario you want to avoid: You come back to the office after a successful event or tradeshow to emails and voicemails from frustrated members. They saw all of the fun event postings and photos on your social media page, but they didn’t know about the event beforehand. These are members who would have attended your event if they had simply known about it advance. Don’t let this happen! Your members should know about every happy hour, tradeshow and member meeting, and what better way make sure it’s common knowledge than by including them in your weekly e-newsletter? With email newsletters averaging a 34 percent open rate, members who don’t regularly check your association website will be informed of your event. A good way to ensure your events get seen is to create a specific upcoming events section of your e-newsletter. Whether you decide to place it at the top, middle or bottom of the newsletter, if you update the events weekly, members will come to depend on it for the latest event information. The title and date of the event are the only two must-haves when listing your events. Too much information, and your members will quit while they’re ahead. It’s much better to hyperlink the title of the event to an association webpage outlining more information than it is to list all of the details of the event in the actual e-newsletter. Hyperlinking the event will entice members to click on it to find out more information, but the benefits are actually multifold. Click-through rates will increase, and you will be driving traffic to the association website. Members will eventually rely on your e-newsletter calendar to inform them of the upcoming association goings-on, ensuring that they never experience FOMO.

Drive traffic back to your website

Your association’s website should be the one-stop-shop for your members. But people are busy, and your association’s website could get lost in the clutter of the ever-expanding webiverse if you don’t do something about it. By now, you know that you can drive traffic back to your website through your events listings in your e-newsletter. But why not utilize more aspects of your e-newsletter to drive back traffic? It is impossible to list every upcoming association event and achievement in an e-newsletter that is intended to be a brief read. But on your association website, the same rules need not apply. Your website should be a comprehensive resource where members can view all future events, read about association milestones and find out how and where to renew their memberships. Nothing causes member FOMO like trying to register for a member event only to realize that they can’t log in because they forgot to pay their annual dues. If they had just visited the home page of your website, that member would have seen the membership renewal date listed in big bold letters with a link to register underneath. This situation is entirely avoidable by linking all of your association news articles in your e-newsletter back to your website. This does not mean you necessarily have to host each of those association news items on your association website per se, but the article text should include links that divert the reader to your website. The more members view your website, the less likely they are to miss an event or deadline.

Your members don’t have to experience FOMO if you use your weekly e-newsletter to keep members informed. Newsletters are an extremely helpful tool in communicating with your members, but what if you are short-staffed or simply just don’t have the time to put one together yourself? Hey, we’ve got a solution for you! Let business-to-business digital marketing leader MultiView assist you in crafting a professional e-newsletter that will increase member engagement and eliminate member FOMO. 

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