Is this email worth opening? Consider the source


Email fatigue. It’s a thing. You feel it the most when you return to the office after an unplugged vacation. You come back to an inbox of thousands (you don’t even know that many people) – and wonder how it exploded after stepping out for a measly four days. Where do you even start? They all sort of run together in bulk.

Email is now the predominant choice in business communication. It has taken the place of many face-to-face conversations, and in many cases, it’s where the deals are done. The sheer volume of business emails being sent on a daily basis would make your head spin. In fact, according to a recent study, 269 billion emails are sent each day.  As a marketer, it makes you question why it would be effective to send out your messaging this way – among the clutter.

Aside from the mail volume, emails can also get lost for simpler reasons. Maybe they just don’t know who the heck you are? While it might sound silly on the surface, taking a second look at the sender profile of your email communications could be the boost your open rate is longing for.

Personalize your sender profiles
MailerMailer Knowledgebase defines a sender profile as a paired sender name and sender email address. Each account is required to have a primary sender profile which is used for all subscriber interactions, such as signup confirmations and subscription code reminders. Who are you sending your email from? That matters.

No one is saying the association name is not esteemed and highly regarded – but if you have messaging from membership, events, and marketing with all the same to and from names, it can all run together and not stand out to your recipients. Try using the CEO’s name for association updates, maybe a specific member who you are highlighting or even an influencer within the industry. This small change could increase engagement and wake up those members who have dozed off in their inbox.

Account for multiple inboxes
Email marketing should never involve the thrill of the chase – but unfortunately that is part of the game. In fact, 36 percent of people have separate email accounts specifically for their marketing messages, according to a survey by Yes Lifecycle Marketing. This is not all bad news for marketers, though … the results actually led to encouraging findings.

While the account may be separate, they were much more likely to check for promotions more often than when they appeared among all of their other emails. This gives someone even more reason to take a look at the source of the email. The recipient knows the contents of the email – now all you need to do is make sure the sender is a desirable one.

Short is sweet when considering devices
Association names can be quite lengthy sources for an email sender profile. While sometimes it is important that you have the whole thing in there, maybe consider a shorter version. What you can read clearly on a desktop computer, is a whole different ballgame on a mobile device.
Send a test copy to yourself and see how it reads on all devices. Make sure your sender profile is fluid across all the device so that email does not get the ol’ gloss over.

The ultimate goal of email marketing campaigns is about connecting with your audience in a quick and efficient way. The audience you are reaching wants to be reached – that is why they joined your organization. Fire the email sandman and release your emails out of hibernation.

MultiView Team Expert Julie Bernhard

Julie Bernhard

News Briefs Executive Editor

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