The Evolving Rules of B2B Marketing


Think about it for a second: Exactly how long has B2B marketing existed? This article makes for fascinating reading, as it breaks down assumptions, myths and – well – flat-out fabrications of what is assumed to be the history business-to-business marketing.

What we do know is that B2B marketing has existed for a long, long time. There are traditions of the concept of selling a company product to another company. There are basic principles that will remain a part of the routine for a company, regardless of how life changes. But with all that remains the same, there are plenty of opportunities for B2B marketing to see evolution through innovation.

According to an article on LinkedIn, regarding B2B marketers in the modern environment, “building out a B2B strategy that delivers results requires thoughtful planning, execution and management.” Successful marketing strategies involved having a vision that includes a detailed framework, understanding exactly what will attract your consumer and then identifying proper marketing tactics and avenues to reach the targeted audience.

Solid B2B marketers also will be all about running campaigns and formulating best practices for strategy incorporation. That will include having an effective call to action, as well as creative approaches that will never go stale.

Think back to a few years ago, to how businesses sold their product to other businesses. Online presence was once looked at as a test dummy of sorts. Digital transformation was, once upon a time, nonexistent.
When we look at some of the evolving rules of B2B marketing, exactly what are we talking about? Here are five things to keep as a focus:

Keep content current and optimized
Web content fuels B2B marketing, but your website can’t just be a place for dead space. It is imperative to keep your website updated daily. And as your content is updated, make sure the proper keywords rank in organic search by way of search engine optimization. SEO will be your best friend if you’re utilizing your search keywords.

Don’t give up on social media
Some are saying social media marketing is declining, primarily because fewer and fewer people are using Facebook. While that may be true, Facebook’s active numbers worldwide still reach nine figures – NINE FIGURES. Roughly 172 million people still are around, and many of them rely on a Facebook business page to sell their brand. Take advantage by staying the course. And feel free to adapt as social media does. Use Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat and the other apps available to reach your target audiences.

Utilize video marketing
There’s nothing better than a stimulating video that gets your blood pumping and the gears in your head turning. Particularly if you have a great website, great video content will assist in delivering your message in many ways a literal lecture won’t. This article explains how important an effective video marketing strategy can be.

Stay true to old-school chatter
According to an article by WARC, word of mouth is still one of your greatest assets in marketing. The article suggests “for 84 percent of B2B buyers, word of mouth is the primary influence on purchasing decisions. Yet brands consistently underestimate the power of employee advocacy to improve their visibility, elevate brand equity and increase employee engagement.” Talk to people, then talk about your product.

Be courteous to your audience
Here’s something that tends to go forgotten: You are reaching people. Actual people. This means common courtesy is still important. Integrity is still fashionable. There is no time for life as a swindler. And there’s even fewer minutes for treating people like dirt.

Evolution is key. Because of the changes in audiences from a professional standpoint, B2B marketers must be willing to make changes. And because evolution is ongoing, change will forever be inevitable. The difference in a top seller and a stagnant one will recognize – and adapt to – the ever-changing rules of B2B marketing.

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