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Exceeding Your 2Q Digital Advertising Expectations


Expectations are a funny thing. This is particularly true in the world of digital advertising. You have a great first quarter and just when you’re ready to break out the cocktails and celebrate, you’re expected to have an even better second quarter. Then you have to do it again for the third quarter, and so on. It’s a snowball in the worst way and one that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by.

In this particular case, expectations can also be a snowball in the best way, too. In truth, your 2Q digital advertising expectations aren’t in competition with what you were able to manage in the past. Remember: what is past is prologue. They’re an extension of your current efforts. The key to exceeding your 2Q digital advertising expectations rests in the decisions you make today in more ways than one.

You’re Not in the Advertising Business. You’re in the Trends Business.

Wayne Gretzky famously said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.” As a B2B marketer, you should basically do the same thing.

Digital advertising is still relatively young in terms of communications mediums and it’s still evolving all the time. Case in point: according to B2B Marketing Insider, the role of salespeople in an organization is currently transforming before our eyes. Eighty-two percent of people who responded to a survey said they felt sales people were unprepared and that few things are less valuable than having important questions only to be served a product demonstration in response.

All of this is to say that if you really want to exceed your 2Q digital advertising expectations, you need to re-assess the way the rest of your organization feeds into that larger marketing strategy. Your sales team and your marketing staff can no longer exist as two entirely separate entities – they need to be organic extensions of the same foundation.

Your marketing collateral should be able to effortlessly hand off a customer to your sales team, and vice versa, creating a single fluid experience regardless of how a buyer is entering into a relationship with your organization.

You need to stop looking at digital advertising as a replacement for other areas of your business. Instead, think of them as two essential but different pieces of the same basic puzzle.

B2B Is About More Than Just Whitepapers These Days

There’s a common misconception that B2B and B2C marketing are essentially two completely different languages. B2C customers are more than satisfied with those blog posts or colorful Infographics – if you really want to attract those big money spenders, you need to invest heavily in that 100-page whitepaper to get the job done.

While there is certainly something to be said for this approach, it simply isn’t the world we’re living in any longer. To truly exceed your 2Q digital advertising expectations, you need to start looking at what you can learn from the B2C space.

Take video marketing, for example. Nobody is saying that you should take that fun, bright and poppy B2C video and just import it into your B2B campaign wholesale – you still need to take your audience into consideration. Video in general, however, is massively powerful in the B2B space and its growing all the time. We’ve documented it here before, as 75 percent of executives said that they watched work-related videos on business websites at least once a week.

In the end, it’s important to understand that technology is blurring the lines in just about every way you can think of, particularly in terms of digital advertising. B2B and B2C marketing aren’t as different as they once were, just like the different departments within your own organization (marketing and sales) don’t exist in the silo they once did.

To truly exceed your expectations in 2Q, 3Q, 4Q and beyond, you need to take a deeper look at the relationship – the connective tissue – that brings all of these elements together. Only by understanding how one affects the other can you leverage the power of all of the above to your advantage.

MultiView Team Expert Stephen Peters

Stephen Peters

Senior Email Marketing Strategist

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