How to Find the Right Audience to Connect Your Business With


Marketing can be a funny game of sorts. The reality for marketers: Appealing to everyone is impossible. The mission for marketers: Seek to do the impossible.

Finding the right audience to connect with is essential for your business to grow. Knowing your target audience and appealing to its every need is vital to product’s growth, and while it is impossible to please all of the masses, giving the target audience what it wants will silence a large amount of your potential critics.

An article by CoSchedule seems to identify the objective near flawlessly. The article refers to defining a target audience as a “Field of Dreams.” If you haven’t seen the baseball movie classic, you may know one of the most iconic phrases from the movie: “If you build it, he will come.”

Replace “he” with “they.” Now apply that rule to marketing.

In pleasing the audience, you must connect with it. From an online perspective, the use of social media should no longer be a best-kept secret; it should be the norm surveying your audience with the help of Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and the other popular social media platforms.

Social media nowadays should be the easy way to connect with the right audiences. Here are three other options that could benefit your marketing strategy and business overall.

Find and appease your core

Let’s go back to elementary school science. We learned about the Earth’s structure and how it’s layered into three parts – the crust, the mantle and the core. The core is Earth’s solid inner surface, and in marketing, the group representing the solid inner surface is who you must have to be successful at the highest level.

Having an outstanding product doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have those who support it. Consider it the classic “tree in the forest argument” – if a tree falls in the woods, and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If you don’t have your core group of consumers who are there for your product (the tree), how would they know if it is any good (makes a sound)?

This is where communication is key. The only way to build that group of core audience members is to talk to them. Ask what they like. Ask what they don’t like. Appreciate what they value. Modify what they despise. From there, build your product into something that you and they can be proud of.

Check out your best competition

Every good product will have competition that’s either trying to be better or are already one step ahead. There’s nothing wrong with viewing what your competition is doing. Some of the best companies view their competitors daily.

Learning more about the marketing tactics and daily habits of your competitor will help you not only stay on your toes personally and professionally but also help you close any gaps you may have from a business standpoint. When analyzing your competition, learn as much as you can from their product development, online advertising, keyword research and any other efforts that may be beneficial. It’s been said that imitation is the best form of flattery; it’s also said that there’s no law written stating you can’t flip another idea and make it even better.

Understand marketing personas

You’ve got a great idea and a great product. Now it’s time to create a marketing persona, defined in Content Marketing Institute as “a composite sketch of a key segment of your audience.” In marketing, you need these personas to assist in delivering slam-dunk content that will be relevant to your core audience (see above about core audiences).

Simply put, you as a marketer want to know who you’re offering, then create a basic set of personas to represent them. Extended demographics can work here (age, location, income level, marital status, etc.), and from there, you keep those individuals in mind to where everything you do fits that specific target audience.

In this case, personalization matters. An article in Foundation says to break down the start of marketing personas in four steps:
Step 1: What does your ideal customer look like?
Step 2: What would lead them to buy what you’re selling?
Step 3: What does their buying process look like?
Step 4: How can you get yourself in front of them?

Finding your right audience seems easy on the surface, but the best of the best marketers will admit that it’s a process. Completely connecting with the specific audiences for business purposes, however, can be one turns your business into one of the big boys of your specific genre. Make sure you put in the work, but have fun doing so.

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