Finding the B2B leads no one else can find

For nearly two decades, MultiView has been the leader in the digital B2B publishing space, and it’s for good reason. Through all these years, we’ve amassed a great amount of data points and have been able to leverage that goldmine to help our partners drill down to the smallest niche audiences imaginable and find the leads no one else can find.

The B2B advertising ecosystem is different than B2C – although there are elements that are starting to cross over – in that it’s much more niche-driven and industry specific. Therefore, the advertising targets are a lot smaller, making unique leads that much more difficult to find, unless you work with MultiView.


Every interaction online creates a data point. This can be a visit to a website from a newsletter to a click referral from an ad, but it can be hard at times to find that very specific data or what to do with it once you have it.

Enter MultiView.

We’ve spent years being able to drill down into the finest data point to help our clients and association partners grow their businesses. For us – and for our clients – no data set is too small or too unimportant to capture.

All that data tells a story within the buyer journey – whether just at the beginning or getting close to making a decision.

“We can work with the niche of the niche,” says Lauren Weiss, one of MultiView’s programmatic solutions experts. “There’s definitely a complexity to the data we have. It allows us to analyze a mix to drive results and get the right information to decision makers and/or buyers.”

By the numbers, MultiView has launched more than 8,000 campaigns in 60 different verticals and thousands of association partnerships that touch millions of members.

Aaron Allen, one of MultiView’s senior directors of media sales, sums it up nicely: “We represent 1,200+ associations in all industries around the world.  Because of these relationships, we have become experts at reaching niche industries, and what it takes to convert more of those customers. Simply put, we are able to layer data to reach your company’s sweet spot of customers.”

This equates to multibillions of dollars’ worth of potential buying power.


On top of the data, it’s incumbent upon a multitude of specialists at MultiView to stay on top of what is new within the digital marketing world – whether that be new trends in email marketing to recertifying with Google and such, there is no such thing as settling and being content.

And as Weiss adds: “That’s a huge differentiator for us. We’re not intimidated by that stuff. We’re nerds about it.”

You don’t become and stay an industry leader in the digital publishing space by accident. MultiView continuously expands it knowledge base, leverages top-of-the-line technology and encourages innovation with its employees to help shine light on those much hard-to-find advertising targets.

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MultiView Team Expert Stephen Peters

Stephen Peters

Senior Email Marketing Strategist

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