How to Finish Your Q4 Marketing Strong


We’re getting down to crunch time for 2016. As the calendar has flipped the page to October, we’ve entered Q4 territory for most businesses. This is arguably the most stressful time of year for companies of all sorts – whether they’re business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B).

In the months of November and December you have the two biggest holidays to work around – professionally and personally. Add to the fact that many businesses are all working to pick up slack from possible subpar performances in the first three quarters and that equates to a recipe for high stress.

But as businesses enter into Q4, it is time to get into gear and finish the year out on a high note, which will provide momentum heading into 2017.

Throughout the year, we’ve provided tons of pointers that B2B marketers can utilize to bolster their marketing efforts. We’ve touched on content marketing and why you should focus on quality over quantity; PPC – what it is and why you need it; and why data is immensely important and why you need context around it.

For marketers, everything we’ve presented is equally important. One aspect of your marketing strategy shouldn’t always take precedence over the others, but there are still a few areas you could concentrate on between now and the end of the year to maximize your effectiveness.

Being mobile

If your company and strategy focuses on it, great. If not, it’s never too late to jump on the train. As people and business continue to march toward being completely on-the-go, so too should your ability to connect with them.

From your website to your email newsletters and anything else that would attract potential clients, everything should have a mobile focus. The sexy word these days is “responsive,” which allows a website or any other piece of digital communication to fit itself to any size screen, making it mobile friendly.

Content, content, content

It’s already been mentioned that you should have quality over quantity, but as the little girl in the Old El Paso commercial infamously said, “por que no los dos?” (Why don’t we have both?) It’s imperative to keep a consistent rhythm with your company blog, whether that be monthly, weekly, daily, etc. But the quality must be there.

Have an editorial plan, but be flexible. Another industry buzz term is agile marketing, which gives you a short plan and allows you to review data points to identify what’s working and what isn’t so you can then adjust the plan from there.


If marketing efforts seemed to have splintered off from each other into silos, it may be time to refocus on making them work as a cohesive, single unit. Your email campaigns should take advantage of the content you’ve produced and vice versa. Your display advertising campaigns and PPC campaigns should play nicely together instead of being contradictory.

The important thing to remember is that with a swift refocus of your marketing strategies, Q4 can be a success and help you finish the year strong. The pace you set now and through these last three months will set the tone for your success in 2017.

MultiView Team Expert Stephen Peters

Stephen Peters

Senior Email Marketing Strategist

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