A Friendlier Neighborhood: Why Association Advertising Offers More Valuable Real Estate


Location, location, location: the mantra of every real estate agent on the block. The key to getting any home or building sold lies predominantly on the scenery that surrounds it. As the number one rule in the biz, it indicates that identical properties can increase or decrease in value due to their location alone.

This golden rule doesn’t just apply to real estate agents – but anyone seeking to advertise their business might want to take some notes from the realtor playbook. With so many avenues to display your message in the digital space, location is everything, yet sometimes the most overlooked.

You can buy advertising in the wrong location. The price might be nice, but if the neighbors are disorderly and the lawns aren’t maintained, you could easily find yourself struggling to convince houseguests to swing by. No matter how much remodeling or updating that is made to the messaging; the most beneficial pieces of advertising real estate are always in the prime locations: association publications, for example.

They offer the best scenic views

Some homes sell quickly and for top dollar because they provide sweeping panoramic views of the cityscapes. Association advertising location plays the same game. Advertisers want to know that their message doesn’t sit in a lawn of tall weeds and shrubs that distract the visitor or questions the validity of their brand.

Association publications house content relevant to both the reader and the advertiser. It is a mutually beneficially relationship where everyone can comfortably ask their neighbor for a cup of sugar (or a sale of their product or service in this case) and the response is positive. The content matches the messaging; allowing for an unfractured relationship between the advertising at the editorial.

They house like-minded neighbors

People tend to gravitate toward others who share similar values and their homes reflect it. The same goes for advertisers and professional trade organizations. Associations are created to build niche audiences that cater to a specific market or industry.

When your advertisement moves in, it will find itself in some very good company. Those that live to front, back or to the left of you will all share the same interests, leaving those that come to visit feeling safe courtesy of the built-in neighborhood watch program.

They offer an easy commute

In major cities, the farther you live from the bus, subway or other types of mass transit, the less valuable the home. Everyone wants easy access to where they are trying to go. Agreeing to advertise within an association publication means your target audience won’t have to click or search through miles of webpages to be in front of it.

The commute of your advertisement to your desired viewers is seconds. Association publications won’t house your advertisements out in the boondocks, but rather sit right in their front yard. The association neighborhood is already an established development close to all the best shopping centers and schools (or in this case, minds in the business).

Ultimately, when purchasing advertising space for your next campaign, it is always important to survey your surroundings. If friendly neighbors and scenic views rank high on your list, purchasing a lot in the association space will definitely be a “beautiful day in the neighborhood” for both your business and your customers.

MultiView Team Expert Julie Bernhard

Julie Bernhard

News Briefs Executive Editor

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