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I’ve now finished my first week as a marketing intern at the largest B2B digital media company in North America. And, after only being at MultiView for a few days, I have learned what this company provides and how valuable their products are. But what I’m most impressed with is a tactic that we’ve only discussed in school, but seeing it in action is pretty awesome.

Have you heard of programmatic advertising? If not, it’s okay. I’m new to this, too. But I was recently introduced to the real power of this trendy way of advertising. From reading about this product on MultiView’s blog, to learning about it in their training classes, I can already tell how much a B2B company can benefit from using this intelligent system, if it’s done right.

Programmatic advertising, by definition, is the data-driven technology that describes the automated serving of digital ads in real-time based on individual advertising impressions and opportunities. Every day more marketing and advertising firms are utilizing programmatic advertising. By utilizing this tactic, companies can maximize their return of investments, lower costs per clicks, reduce wasted dollars, and truly target a niche audience that’s interested in their product or service. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you’re just thinking about jumping into the programmatic world, you may be wondering why companies and agencies should use programmatic advertising. It’s simple: programmatic is the future of advertising because served ads are much more personal and specifically target audiences by using data based off of analytics and behaviors. You see, people want to see ads that directly relate to them, and programmatic advertising will give decision-makers exactly that.

The largest platform for programmatic advertising is online display and accounts for 50 percent of the digital ad sale. But, this technology will continue to grow and by the end of 2018, according to eMarketer, more than 80 percent of digital ads will utilize programmatic advertising.

Since programmatic advertising is becoming the digital form of globalization, it will eventually expand to other popular platforms besides just digital advertising. This technology for advertising will soon take over social media, video content, and even expand into a more traditional medium like TV.

Agencies can do nothing but benefit from the positive attributes that this new technology is providing to the world of advertising. Time to hop on this bandwagon and say hello to the future world of advertising.

If you’re like me and just getting to know how programmatic advertising works, check out this infographic to get a quick glimpse into why you should adopt programmatic advertising.

programmatic infographic

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