Going to a Trade Show? Don’t Forget Your Marketing


Right now we’re nailing down the final details before we go to the ASAE (American Society of Association Executives) trade show coming up Aug. 13-16. If you go to several trade shows relevant to your industry every year, the process of confirming your booth design, travel arrangements and plan for working the show is nothing new. But, if you count on them for bringing you new customers, allow me to paraphrase our meme: You can’t afford to gloss over your marketing strategy.

The reason it matters isn’t because you won’t succeed without one. But you won’t get nearly the ROI for the effort your expending. Fewer customers will know you’re there, your brand won’t be as recognized, and you’ll ultimately leave with fewer leads to follow up with.

This point is meaningless without an individual plan tailored toward your company, and more importantly, your customers. Start brainstorming by thinking about a few basic tactics: Set up geofencing so you can show your ads to people at the trade show. Post teaser tweets before the event and live tweet your favorite moments with the trade show hashtag while it’s still going on. Create content about what you learned from the show and share it on your social channels. You get the idea.

Take this guy’s advice. (Boromir, for you “Lord of the Rings” fans.) Go into your next trade show with a comprehensive marketing strategy so you can walk out with plenty of new leads to turn into customers.

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