Guest Blogger, Caitlin Harrison: Company culture matters more than you think

Today’s employees are more disengaged than ever. A recent Gallup poll found this is true of 70 percent of American workers.

Improving your company culture could be the key to turning this trend around. It can keep employees happy and staying at your company longer, according to research.

If you’re seeing a great deal of turnover at your company, it’d be worthwhile to reassess the corporate culture. Follow these tips to get started.

MultiView Culture - Chairless Meeting

Establish trust and openness

It makes a difference when employees know management trusts them to do their best work without constantly looking over their shoulder. A great sense of autonomy enables employees work better and more productively.

At the same time, employees should trust you, too. They should feel comfortable approaching management about an issue they may be facing, as well as sharing their own ideas without feeling that they’ll be turned away. Listening is key.

Implement flexible policies

Work-life balance is something employees are coming to expect, and more companies than ever —including MultiView — are implementing telecommuting programs. It doesn’t mean you have to let employees work from home every day — but perhaps one to three days per week.

A Stanford study reveals that letting employees work remotely made them happier and more productive. And with fewer in-office distractions, no commute and overall increase in well-being, those statistics are no surprise.

Show your appreciation

Afternoon outing to a baseball game, anyone? How about a monthly team lunch or an occasional after-work happy hour? It doesn’t have to be all work all the time —hosting these types of events for your workers shows them you care.

Or follow MultiView’s lead and implement an employee of the month program, or treat your employees to free snacks and sodas in the break room. You’re unlikely to hear any complaints.

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