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How to reach the ‘Get Off My Lawn!’ member


We all know him. That crotchety, old man who simply doesn’t want to be bothered with you or anything you’re associated with. Chances are, he’s the guy who’s always spying on the outside world while either sitting in a rocking chair on his front porch or readjusting his curtains while staring out his window — simply waiting for someone to accidentally or purposely step on the blades of grass on his front lawn.

And then, there are the four words that have become a classic phrase dedicated to the crabby and cantankerous.

“Get off my lawn!”

That grumpy gus — proverbially or in actuality — can be the same grumpy gus that associations try to connect with on a daily basis. And just like the guy who hates for you to be anywhere near his area, he can also be the guy who simply doesn’t want to be bothered with your association — or, perhaps, the association he once was a proud member of.

The big question: How do you connect (or reconnect) with this gentleman? What can be done to re-engage him? What can be offered to him that will cater to his needs?

Here are three quick tips that will help increase association membership. These three tips also will help you retain Mr. Get Off My Lawn.

Older member feedback is vital

It’s so easy, but many take feedback for granted. Sometimes, the easiest way to assist with membership is to ask the current members and the former members what they like and don’t like.

According to a CPS Cards article, you’ll be “able to adjust your membership benefits to appeal to the masses” if you gauge your current member base and get their opinions. Those responses are deserving of becoming public if they can help boost association membership.

We must remember that in any association, every opinion should matter. He may be old, mean and surly, but his voice matters — and addressing member feedback will show that all voices count. As miserable as he may come off, he’ll appreciate that.

Remind him of good times with a viral program

Even the most irascible person can flash a smile with the proper flashback. There’s something from the way-back machine that will always make an older individual reminisce and feel good about why they joined the association.

This is the perfect opportunity to establish a viral programs, which will allow an association to recreate a message, incentive or a program of the past. According to an article from Orases, creating a viral campaign is “a tried-and-true means of letting users reach in.”

This also can be a way to bring in the old member by using new technologies or forms of social media.

Consider it a form of bringing the association gap. And by focusing the viral program properly, by targeting his demographic, it could not only win over an elderly prospect but also, maybe, a couple of his old friends.

Make it worth his while

Even the most smug person can’t resist a deal to his advantage. This is where discounts and special offers play a significant role in retaining older members.

We’ve all seen the “limited time only” campaigns. Make those individuals ask, “Why should I join?” Intrigue them with the best offers possible that not only will be beneficial to them but also will be smart marketing for your brand. It can be a win-win for everybody.

Some call this direct response marketing. Others simply call it “the right thing to do.” When you’re targeting new audiences — or returning audiences in this case — you have to offer them something. Because if you don’t, assume that either another association will. And then assume how frustrating that feeling is in missing on an individual or two you knew you had a legitimate shot in landing or relanding.

Mr. Get Off My Lawn may be hard to deal with at first, but you can definitely win him over. Keep these tips high on your to-do list, and watch the results.

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