The immortal medium: Email marketing is here to stay


“Email marketing is dead.” You’ve probably heard this statement before, and you may even believe it to be true. In actuality, this statement couldn’t be any further from the truth. Marketers are actually hyper-aware of the success of email marketing initiatives, and more than half believe it is their most successful marketing medium. So what’s with all of the rumors? Perhaps email marketing seems like a bastion of days of yore, but marketers are mindful about reinventing the medium as needed to keep up with emerging trends. Email marketing is an extremely effective tool to reach your business-to-business target audience because it’s still producing major results.

It establishes connections

Email is without a doubt the most popular medium used for conducting business today, so it only makes sense to use the medium for marketing purposes as well. In the B2B space, marketing can sometimes be challenging because you must get another business excited about your company’s offerings, and your client base can be niche. This is why it is imperative that you are using email marketing to establish connections with leads early on. Customers for your products or services can often take months to reach a decision to purchase as they are comparing your offerings to those of your competitors. Although the wait can be frustrating, you can leverage your email marketing. Personalizing emails is a great way to increase click rates for your campaigns. Studies have shown that emails with personalized subject lines are 26 percent more likely to be opened. In order to personalize your emails, you should ask your email subscribers identifying information when they first subscribe. Directing new subscribers to a landing page asking for their name, gender and some personal interest questions can help your email marketing efforts tremendously. A personalized marketing email to a business owner can make all the difference when it comes to winning business over your competitors. Showing your company took the time and effort to craft a relevant email is an important extra step in establishing successful long-term business relationships.

It is easy

Email marketing makes things simple! Once you have identifying information about your leads, it’s easy to target specific audiences for A/B testing before sending your final message. You will be able to test what kind of messaging works and what doesn’t when sent to different target test audiences. This extra step has been proven time and time again to help increase return on investment. Once you’ve got your message set, simply create your email, send it out and wait for the analytics to roll in. Unlike direct mail marketing, there are no postage costs, and guesswork when measuring success is eliminated. Your campaign is easy to measure with detailed analytics reports available to you shortly after sending. The results of your campaigns should be used to guide future campaigns. Maybe your content-heavy email didn’t get stellar click-through rates. Don’t fret; take it as a learning experience. Your audience may prefer a more visual campaign featuring photos of your team at the office or of new product offerings. The end goal is to get your audience to click and engage. Including a succinct call to action at the top of your message is an important element to include that will promote engagement and turn leads into customers. Whatever you decided to include in your email, your marketing efforts should form a cohesive message that represents your brand and generates interest in your company.

It gets results

If you don’t have an email marketing plan in place, you are behind, because email marketing produces some tangible results that can make a big difference in your company’s profits. A Webmarketing123 report found that email marketing is the most effective tactic for B2B companies. In another study, 45 percent of B2B marketers agreed that email marketing is the most effective digital marketing channel. A well-executed campaign will increase sales and brand recognition. In today’s workplace, most office workers are using email as their primary form of communication with outside companies. Office workers have even reported that access to email is the most important must-have for conducting day-to-day business. Because millennials are the largest generation currently in the work force, they make up a significant percentage of the lead base receiving your emails, and millennials prefer to conduct business through email. Other potential customers want your emails too. Customers enjoy hearing from companies they do business with at least once a month. The takeaway here is that customers want to feel connected to your company, and when they feel connected to your company and its message, they will inevitably become repeat customers. In order to gain trust with your leads, you must segment your campaign to target different audiences. Once you are able to separate your overall list into different audiences, you will be able to produce a successful campaign that gets results.

Perhaps the “email marketing is dead” rumors are spurred on by marketers who aren’t using email marketing to its full potential. But the statistics don’t lie – email marketing has a median return on investment of 122 percent, the highest ROI for marketers, so email marketing is here to stay.

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