Integrating Content Marketing With Newsletters


Content marketing. E-newsletters. Click-through rates.

All just a bunch of marketing buzzwords?

Perhaps they have become jargonized in the advertising world. But, when fully understood and harnessed, they are a force to be reckoned with. An e-newsletter that markets relevant industry content can be a powerful tool to drive up those click-through rates, and even brand your organization as a thought leader within your industry.

Below are the most important tips to get you started in making the most of your organization’s e-newsletter:

  • Come up with a content strategy

This should be your first step. Before throwing pieces together just to get something out in front of your audience, really take time to decide what it is you’re going for – educational, informational, marketing, etc.  Are you trying to bring your audience back to your site to make sales? Are you looking for lead generation? Or are you more interested in branding and keeping your name in front of potential clients? Determining your overall goal will narrow your focus to help keep your campaign on track.

The old saying of “negative attention is better than no attention” isn’t always applicable in the marketing world. If you brand your publication as messy or something not worth reading in your first issue, you’ll be hard-pressed to earn back your audience’s attention with subsequent issues.

A large part of this will also depend on who you decide your audience is – established industry gurus, existing customers, potential customers or all of the above?

  • Create the perfect balance

You know you instinctively move toward the “delete” button when you receive a company’s “newsletter” that just screams promos all about them. It doesn’t provide any useful news or industry insight. It is just an e-blast advertisement, not a newsletter.

There is a difference.

Ideally, you want your newsletter to be about 90 percent educational and only 10 percent promotional. If your subscribers can view you as a provider of relevant, timely news, you will begin to gain their trust, and more likely, their business.

  • Keep it concise.



Still scrolling – wait, no, no I’m not. No more!  

Long emails are immediately overwhelming and off-putting.

Instead of bombarding the reader with too much content, you want to choose one article/announcement/call-to-action that will act as your “feature.”

Make this the first and most eye-catching piece of the newsletter. It will reinforce where the audience should focus their attention. After this, the other pieces of content can be secondary, how-much-time-you-have-to-read-this options.

  • Incorporate your newsletter into social media and other marketing materials

Too often, organizations will have a strong newsletter or Facebook following, but each audience is kept (unknowingly) separate.

By combining your efforts on each platform to work in tandem with each other, you can strengthen each and reach a larger audience. Share the link to your latest newsletter on your Facebook, Twitter and website. Vice versa, share links to all your social media accounts on your newsletter, along with most other elements linking back to your website.

  • Evaluate. Adjust.

The great thing about technology today is that it allows us to actually determine, based on analytics, what’s working for our audience and what’s not in real time.

Take advantage of this. Look at the number of opens or clicks based on subject line, day of the week sent, time of day sent, design template, etc., to optimize your newsletter.

An e-newsletter can be a really strong piece of your content marketing, especially if you give it the attention it deserves and use it as a continuous tool for educating and informing.

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