Job-Hunting 101

You are here. On the job market. Please allow me to be your tour guide on your quest for employment. I’m willing to disclose some tips and tricks that I look for in a candidate as a recruiter at MultiView.

We’ll start from the beginning: the resume.

  • This is going to sound incredibly obvious, but a silly mistake I see ALL THE TIME—Spellcheck. Your. Resume. Duh. I can’t take you seriously if you can’t spell your major, much less your name, correctly.
  • Clearly define your objective—and tailor it for the job you’re applying for. Listen, I know when you’re on the job market you might apply for positions in 89 different fields. This means you need 89 versions of your resume. Sorry.

The interview.

  • Before your interview, research the company and the position you are being considered for. I can guarantee one of the first questions you will be smacked with is, “What do you know about MultiView?” (or ABC XYZ Company) Know the answer.
  • By doing your research, you probably came up with some super-intellectual questions, right? Write ‘em down! Take ‘em with ya! Ask away. We (recruiters) love questions. It means you’re prepared and interested in the role we are hiring for.
  • This one’s important: don’t be too nervous! I want to know about your qualifications and how great you are, but you don’t have to lose your personality. Being engaging and likable is half the battle.
  • I shouldn’t have to tell you to dress professionally, but I just did.

If it’s a phone interview.

  • The above rules still apply. Except the dress-code—I don’t care what you’re wearing (and please don’t tell me).
  • Find a quiet place where I (the recruiter) can have your full attention. This is not your desk at your current job. This is not at a playground. This is not while you’re driving.

So, there you have it. Let me hear your interview advice in the comments!

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